(Dvajseti del)2008, BETWEEN LIFE AND TRUTH; IT 'S A FREE WORLD... by Avsec Bostjan
Return from America....

Police Report Due to Water Pouring

This few next situations more falls under chapter of continuous abuse as previously already described, but here is what was taking against me simultaneously with previously already described. On November 01st, 2007 , police was called at home by mother. She alleged that I poured her by coffee cup content(water was inside of coffee cup). What truly was my response on her addressing me with scumbag, lazy, good for nothing, incapable etc., and water sprinkling me while she was dish washing. All these just for standing next to her and waiting to place what was left into sink. For that hostile attitude, I returned favor back purring her with water left in coffee cup.  Police didn't consider case at all.

Police report due to illegal health insurance and physical attack
On November 05th, 2007, I have reported to police illegal health care insurance policy written on my name, and what was physical attack occurred on June 21, 2007.

Insurance fraud documents, I found them in living room while placed on glasses while physical injuries photos were taken on day of physical attack. All presented to police. Forged signatures(someone forged my signatures) on insurance documentation didn't bother cops at all. According to them because I was beneficiary.

Physical attack

On June 21, 2007 , I was called again looser, jobless, work hater, lazy etc.. I was told to be nobody from USA where I haven't accomplished anything. Rebuked, yelled at, I quietly moved away to what suppose to be my room. While on my way to kitchen mother was on the telephone. Realization of her falls(double deal - dissimulated) character allowed her(she allowed herself) to treat me worse than animal while to others she pretended to be the kindest person in the world. While on phone, her voice and attitude hypocritically changed regularly. It was that way ever since I have returned from USA. After she ended phone conversation, she approached to my room door, and began to hit them with broom. While hitting door she used profanities as described and abuse language. I walked out of room toward kitchen to avoid her. She lost temper and commit physical attack on me with intention of what according to her was I cite ," to dig out my eyes...".
She used hand nails to create visible scratches
on my face close to eyes, and with all strength wanted to accomplish desired( to blind me). I had defended myself by pushing her away from me. Door window at main house steps broke as an result of hustle.

The two police officers in above mentioned physical attack/insurance fraud case were Pibercnik and Smrekar. All the paperwork as well as photos were presented to them. They didn't care about report or case number itsef. They promised to press charges due to physical and mental torture against mother only.

On November 8th , 2008 or three days after filing just mentioned assoult charge with police department, I have received phone call from Pibercnik that perhaps I should bring photos to police station(primarily he declined photos) using as an excuse his is inability to stop by and get them personally per other job assignments which he was experiencing that day.
I eventually set on bicycle next day and delivered them to police station Novo mesto. Photos were recorded on DVD. Police officer on duty Krasevec accepted them on November 09th, 2007.
On 01/28/2008  police letter notification arrived in respect to this mentioned case(assault or physical abuse case) stating that nothing will be done about my report. Letter alleged that case is out dated(absolute) since there was over three months time(they claim only three months time frame allowable to file ex police report). Case was disregarded despite my photos which indicated clearly physical abuse committed against me.
As an final result, I was rebuked and ridiculed later by what suppose to be mother for filling complain with police.

If you're asking yourself why did police asked me to bring them
photos...the answer is because they knew that I am without car(to
further frustrate my open and help willing spirit), and to conceal
proofs(they have stolen proofs from me and have never returned dvd
where photos were recorded...). What they didn't take in considerations
were my knowledge of investigation procedures which I have obtained in
USA working next to industry experts of which many were ex FBI or army
very high ranking employees(even generals;)....It wasn't difficult to foresee their
attempts...original dvd and additional copies are still in my

PS. Dear criminal police of Slovenia, please let me know if you need some more copies of original documents or photos....paste & delete press !

Slovenia Continuation

Since my arrival to Slovenia, I was continually traced and spied. Different brain wash procedures were implemented on me as well as intrigues. People who collaborated in this type of activities were often previous schoolmates whose mothers and fathers belonged to ex-Yugoslav communist party. People involved into my case throughout life span for some reason. Violence in the past was present in this country almost in every home or workplace. This fathers and mothers have many reasons why they prefer things to stay quiet and unheard. Abuse is really everyday's life in Slovenia. Communist Party is unofficially active also today behind lies of new European democracy.
Toni Kuralt - class mate from grammar school was already back then selected and it was told to everyone of us at class that he will play major role in some commission when adults(at age 10 was hard to know what exactly they were referring to). This son of communist parents would become one of the people who would manipulate and direct our destinies later on in life. He surely met me on several occasions what was immediately upon my returning(first day upon my arrival and then one day before my departure to Ljubljana). Symbolic gesture same as it was in United States described latter in continuation.

Lamut Gregor - The same thing as it was for Kuralt. Lamut was also physically active as a violent individual. Led and directed by communist school system in those days. He attended classes where age difference between him and other classmates was as much as 3-4 years. Communist teacher Markelc told us (to entire class) that people like him would play later in our lives major role by spying on the rest of the population and that way directing our lives(this kids were so much involved in manipulations as instructed by teachers that they were simply impossible to overlook). She even described what I saw...his gray painted hair with missing teeth while singing song of endless looser as gathering attention and emphasizing on poverty(trying to awake compassion while cashier lady was occupied with line holdback..that way, I was able to listen to the song).  At all times best communist corporation store in Slovenia called Merkur.

Robi Kump - The same as Lamut. Working at Merkur with painted hair gathering attention. Three to four years older classmate and very violent. Preferred, raised, and built by communist regime. Procrastinated by teacher Markelc as it realized...typical communist tricks over and over...public place..
Simonic Borut - Employed at Krka. Son of communists. We met during nature walk. Employed by Slovenian territorial defence(Slovenian - army - 1991) when I was in service there(employed at Slovenian Teritorial Defence despite fact that he and his daddy have during Slovenian war for independence in 1991 and prior to that, vehemently fought against independence of Slovenia thus favoring Yugoslavian communist state/regime). He was also my ex-class mate for eight years.

As procrastinated, he is on position administering others as an communist watch dog. I must say total paradox employing him back then in Slovenian Territorial defence as an officer. As such would rather pose threat to the state or to lives of his subordinates.

Boys like Simonic were there
afterwards to kill moral of young Slovenian(in reality German people
what we truly are) men who cherished independence of newly established

    &   =         

United States of America declined "Slovenian" independence for while...first country to recognize "Slovenia" was our GERMANY !
Communists did upon giving up on federal Yugoslav state during year 1991 and after, positioned and kept on stronghold for almost all administrative positions now ex-communist elite. United States of America was completely aware of that fact and did in order to obtain fresh financial markets $$$$$$$$$$$$ for its investments upon cold war end, signed with those states major agreements. unfortunately those were extremely treasonal toward people like myself for instance.

No more mixture of state with South Slavs who have sucked their blood for almost fifty years.
No more forced and arranged marriages between Serbs, Bosnians, and Slovenians.
Further even return of Slovenian people who were expelled out of the country in millions to USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden etc. would mean most definitely end of possibilities for any future establishment as per Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.
Something what enormously bothered pro Yugoslav communist elite. Also something on which they have given up only officially while the best proof of their continuous genocide against Slovenian nation is this book which I have wrote  !
My own case best describes the truthful circumstances behind official political curtain.

If additional war would have raised between Slovenia and Yugo federation(in case that neighboring Croatia would be unable to stop lute from Serbs), I have no doubt that boys like him would sent to death numerous lives of young innocent Slovenian man by creating sabotages behind the Slovenian army's backs.
In neighboring Croatia, situation isn't much different. Pro Yugoslav communists against nation(general Croatian population) as well. Best proof was battle(rather massacre) for City Vukovar in Croatia during which valiant patriotic Croats relentlessly defended their city for the cost of their lives. During that battle everything became so obvious. Secret cooperation or negotiation behind the public's backs between Belgrade, Serbia and Zagreb., Croatia..for the cost of innocent lives on both sides !
Blood of innocent people sprayed all over the ex-Yugoslav republics. Everything and all in the name of Tito's communist doctrine !
People died while communist elite never changed !

Andrej Hocevar known as an violent ex-class mate and supported by communists into rage violence. Today employed by one of the state penitentiaries as guard(thanks to Mr. Bucar Anton who promised him that particular job since we were in grammar school as previously mentioned during my childhood description. Job of which Andrej always dreamed of(I guess torturing and beating poor inside the prison was very appealing to him since little).

Total absurd since guy was even known to be one of the most violent people/kids on the school. Rumors are saying now a days, he didn't change much(lately in July of 2008, some penitentiary workers at facility were transferred also out of prison where Andrej was working...was he one of them, I do not know for fact, but prisoners exclaimed on national TV channels that they complained due to extreme violence endured from guards and other impossible circumstances in there(logic the same as in high school...criminals aren't born but made). DOB prison is what I am referring to.

In Slovenia is okay for prison guards to beat the hell out of detainee even in year 2008(no problems...). System arranges everything afterwards like nothing happened(read again incident regarding beating mentally disabled child as described in the beginning of the book). It's life...violence...violence praised over everything !

On October 4th, 2008, Prisoner escaped from Dob as well. He, however, didn't escaped due to escape reason, but to instead commit suicide !
He have killed himself before Slovenian police was even able to get to him. All this upon visitation of his wife and just month or two after there was enormous strike of prisoners complaining against anti humane treatments imposed against them by guards !

Off course Slovenian government and authorities will not disclose truth about extremely violent and mentally sick guards working there. The truth however is that these poor Slovenian(German) people of ours(who are on the first place forced in hardship like described in this book) aren't sent there to solely serve for committed crimes only, but to instead end up mentally retarded or suiciding themselves.

Another sad fact is that name Hocevar as mentioned above(Andrej Hocevar) is one of the original German names that still managed to survive on theritory of Slovenia to very today and is with minor Slavic adjustments which were done to every single one of us.

Teaching and impetus of brotherly hate(brother against brother) is in Slovenian Communist Schools foremost important for communist society. During years of growing up, I warned numerous times my coevals who would approach for physical confrontations of self awaking themselves per who and what most of us is ! As they on occasion realized(it looked as if they would awake from sleep) what was going on, they even stopped(on few occasions some begun to ask around if my claims were credible...some they even realized what was going on), but only for while. Soon violence would go on again. System clearly continued to brainkill successfully forwards(upon teachers realizing, I was bitten or confronted even more).

Police Report Due to Stalking - Waylaying(Pursuit) in House Prison( 3 x 3 Meters Room)
On November 24th, 2007 at 1325 hours, I have intended to file complain at police department due to constant stalking - waylaying (pursuit). Stalking was going on since my very first day upon my return from USA. Computer, paperwork, personal writings were during my absence(un-presence) constantly searched. I have previously issued several warnings to mother and father. They seem to be completely obsessed with it and therefore unable to refrain themselves.

Stalking was taking place during my absences away from room as I mentioned. During daily routines such as walking, fishing, or while in library. I never presented any obstacle to stalkers since I didn't have any other transportation than bicycle. Car was still waiting for repair and that one was controlled by police. In father's house nothing could be changed without his permission and therefore installation of new door locks was totally out of consideration.
Police refused assistance with explanation that they do not mediate in such situations. I was referred to Slovenian civil court where there is no law at all.

Kotar's Intimations and Threats
On November 29th, 2007, at approximately 1700 hours, Kotar Sonja and Doctor Kotar Igor visited what supposed to be my parents' residence(home is word that I very much despise when referring to that house as same goes for parents). During the visit, I have politely suggested them that due to previous situations while calling on the telephone, to behave properly or in other words stay on the same communication level as I expressed toward them(requiring mutual respect).

It happened for the third time already that profane language and insults were used on me by Doctor Kotar Igor for my simple and polite plead to use name Ana instead of referring her to me as mother. On all three instances, he answered me I cite ,"fuck you,go to mother's vagina, you should be placed in loony house...". Later also Kotar Sonja called accusing me(challenged me) of bad behavior what was a lie. She further attempted to psychologically abuse me via telephone on what I just plainly hang up. They eventually managed to provoke me during last abuse when I answered to Igor back the same profound way(what makes me truly upset).

However, on November 29th , 2007,  during their visit, I intended to clarify things by bringing up mentioned subject. I was sentenced from all four(what suppose to be my parents, Kotar Igor and Sonja) to have no right telling them anything since I wasn't even adult, and they are twice of my age. Further did Sonja Kotar stood up and threatened to hit me in my face on what I taken off my glasses and offered her to do so.

She became pallid and lost her temper completely. Unable to refrain herself further, she left all mad while Doctor Igor Kotar began to threaten me physically(to hit me etc.) repeating lies that I am the one who behaves badly challenging them. They then all together with my parents begun yelling at me while stating lies and therefore was no way to communicate in normal tone or language. Kotar Igor further alleged me of living at my parents expanse; having no right to answer the phone; demanding for me to go in my room(home prison what he referred to); called me names previously used by what suppose to be parents; and used profanities.

He further threatened to call in the hospital, and through his connections via ambulance vehicle get me in loony house(mental institution what he was referring to...his view on mentally disturbed people is very humiliative without any compassion for them or respect) as he stated.
In hands he held cellular telephone back then while what suppose to be father was acting as he would begun to calm him down....
Just two hours later at approximately 1900 hours while on evening walk at place Česca vas(6-7 kilometers away from home), ambulance vehicle appeared.
Ambulance vehicle drove slowly behind, stalking me till I stopped and approached to driver. He asked me if I know where Gazvoda Lojze is.

Gazvoda Lojze could be the same name as guy who was interrogating me during fishing at Otocec as mentioned earlier. It was an obvious threat what I took extremely seriously. Very next day, I notified American Embassy's in Slovenia Counselor Mr. Schultz to keep an open eye on me till Monday when entire report written in English is e-mailed to his attention. I felt threatened, realizing similarity between the two situations which were murder attempt in city Trebnje and this last one.

Now you can see that there is no doubt about murder attempt in city called Hell(small city near Trebnje) as previously described, and as well undisputable involvements of Slovenian government alone in this case. Police and previously mentioned accomplices were definitely involved in it up to the throat. THEY ACTED VERY IMOTIONALY....KOTAR PROVED THAT WAS UNABLE TO USE BRAIN WISELY UNDER SMALLEST STRESS SITUATIONS WHICH HE CREATED BY HIMSELF...

The only question for them was ,however, weather would I be able to link all these situations together, and have them reported to appropriate authorities before they could eventually find way to me(to simply euthanize me somehow). preventing leak of informations while issuing further warnings to the world.

Many people in Slovenia who didn't care about situations on time or were ignoring them, did in fact disappeared or were executed. Great example was presidential candidate Ivan Kramberger whom I have met personally. He mentioned threats, but failed to do anything about it(nothing could be done eventually due to corrupt police who executed him at the end during voter's speech). During presidential campaign or first elections in independent Slovenia, he was shot dead in his back.  Executed by same people who are on top of the hierarchy today. All ex-Yugoslav communists.
Doctor Igor Kotar is/was known as well under nick "butcher". He is elite communist figure in Novo mesto's hospital system. Many other doctors fear him and so do ex patients. He takes bribes. Money or other goods. Was treated for alcohol addiction several times. At times violent and brutal toward his son when growing up. So brutal that son suffered visible emotional distress and at times had crises crying...feeling not needed(unwanted/undesired) and often thought committing desperate acts....Also other family members weren't spared at times(seems his wife forgot all about it and would now become fighter herself). She use to be subject of beating herself....just as daughter was....His son unfortunately died in a car accident. Doctor Kotar Igor is extremely dangerous  person to deal with.

According to Doctor Igor Kotar people after 30, shouldn't study because they are simply too old.
Slovenian Christian Church simply declined funeral for Doctor Kotar is son. Reason was his criminal communist involvements in the past against church and religious people. According to neighbors and Kotar alone.

Regarding Case Filled at European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and Informing Euro Ombudsman on December 21, 2007
On December 18th, 2007,  I have reported this case to European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in addition to all others submitted previously. Reference number 8806/07 was issued. Ever since governmental waylaying declined visibly with rare exceptions. Regarding my stay in Slovenia, I have as well notified other people and agencies worldwide. I tend to keep them informed about progress of this situation. Those who believe that they will isolate or alienate me from society are wrong. If anything I will become known, and will gain more friends than ever ! Try real friends for change....

Euro Ombudsman contacted on December 21, 2007

Same I have informed about situation Euro Ombudsman on December 21st, 2007. This was the first time when I contacted him, informing him in detail about my situation.

Visitation at Moravec Rudi's Home

On February 15th, 2008 , I walked to my ex school instructor Moravec for a talk.  Since approximately two weeks after my arrival to Slovenia when we last met, I have completely rescinded any communications with him and his family. Reason was the situation which I encountered in Slovenia. Problems mounted on me one after another, and I refused to bother other people with them. I understood there were several phone calls during which supposedly mother conversed with Maria Moravec; however, nobody ever asked for me or let me know anything.

The last few days roomers between what suppose to be mother and father dared to announce in front of me that Rudy Moravec got cancer.

During several attempts to call Moravec's family on their stationary telephone number, nobody ever answered(probably 10 attempts in last 6 months at least) while line always was occupied(also was one of the reasons why I gave up temporary only on our relationship). The day before yesterday or on February 13th, 2008, , I placed at least 10 phone call attempts and story repeated.

Then when calling cellular number of Katrina Moravec(his daughter), she never answered as well(phone wasn't occupied and it rang). Yesterday, I finally got on hold of Moravec and I did set an appointment with him for today(February 15th, 2008). During conversation, he was at first disappointed, but later did agreed to meet with me. I think it is safe to conclude that their telephone number prior to yesterday was blocked. It is safe to conclude that stationary telephone in our house is been bugged while every phone call attempt is strictly traced...this is why and how....when I finally walked that autumn afternoon all the way to his house(since I was without car), nobody answered on bell ringing. After I rang several times and bell was operating well, I walked in the back yard where in basement his son and mother were obviously hiding. They had dog with them which would immediately warn them if anybody rang bell. Father Moravec on the other hand was upstairs in the living room having instructions(they later excused themselves for being down there due to instructions). When we started the conversation, the three of them objected to fact that my parents behave unacceptable. They called me a liar and even praised Doctor Kotar as an great Doctor who helped them in this last crise(Moravec developed cancer). What was completely opposite from our first meeting upon my return(they were among first people to whom I have paid attention) from USA.

Their stand during my first visitation upon return from USA, was in fact deepest regret for not acting accordingly with law and therefore reporting parents to authorities. Back then, both Maria and Rudi Moravec claimed that they completely disagreed with my parents due to mistreatments which they caused me before I left to USA. Disgusted with their changed behavior(unwillingness to hear my side of the story) and totally new approach, I left home.

While walking about three hundred meters away from Moravec's home , men in his fifties approached me and begun to persuade me....I cite " how is it going....are you pushing alright....". He kept staring at me while laughing..weird, strange and more than obvious that I was followed again. Just like in good old Soviet Union....24 hours a day and 7 days a week !
As far as Moravec well...I called them upon my arrival at home that same evening, and while talking to his wife, I wished him all the best in future. It is completely understandable that people are afraid of dangerous state  system. Therefore would be impossible to resent them. My prayers and best wishes are with him.

Se nadaljuje.....

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