(Osemnajsti del)2008, BETWEEN LIFE AND TRUTH; IT 'S A FREE WORLD... by Avsec Bostjan
Return from America....

State of Slovenia's First Retaliation Upon Initial Complain at European Court of Human Rights

On February,15th, 2007,  I have contacted European Court of Human Rights and complained about violations. I was obvious desperate in given situation and needed help very much. At same time not enough decisive to proceed further upon assuming as well that this commission may be connected, or is cooperating(non-independently) with Slovenian government beyond its official tasks as delegated.

I was eventually right and there were many reasons for my assumption. By the end of this book you will also learn that whole thing in respect to European Commission for Human Rights is scum and was never nothing beyond that.

Reason for me to assume this mutual involvements(between the Slovenia state and EU Human Rights Commission) of the two(beyond just what was supposedly only officially non-affiliated cooperation), occurred during initial submission of the case via European Court of Human Rights Commission's website while simultaneously and very specifically asking their representatives to strictly keep my application/case(informations) away from Slovenian representatives there(in Strasbourg, France out of which commission was based).

Afterwards, it was Slovenian representative the one that contacted me while there was no answer from other agency/branch/separate authority established within European Commission for Human Rights for which I have requested initially...not to mention completely confident Slovenian governmental persecutions that followed afterwards conducted against me(immediate retaliation procedures took place) as described in continuation.

Anyways, on February 28th, 2007(just 13 days after first complain submitted to Court or afterwards my first in person job interview) , I had personal interview with owner of Matisa MM - Elektroagregati Marjan Mati?evi? s.p., who at that occasion during conversation asserted indirect accusation against me as traitor.

During interview alone, Marjan Mati?evi? s.p. stated or addressed me with words ,"okay, what we have here is to deal with TREASON...".

All these was said before even describing job duties and while holding in his hands my resume. At that point, I knew that government retaliates for my contacting Court of Human rights.

Because of what happened at Matisa corp., I have lost trust in court back then, and demanded from European Court additional assistance in regards to this situation(to immediately stop procedure). Ironically,  representative from European Court of Human Rights who contacted me was again Slovenian despite my very specific inquiries !

Financial institutions in Slovenia

Financial institutions in Slovenia declined me credit. Their excuse was that I am unemployed and it would stay that way. They never commented their assertions how or why regardless of my willingness to deposit on real estate purchase, as an guarantee, large down payment(on some investment even up to 50% or more).

State of Slovenia's second Retaliation Upon Initial Complain at European Court of Human Rights
Murder attempt in place called Pekel (Hell
) Within City Limits Trebnje


Kotar Igor, Ambulance or state driver and vehicle(state and hospital), Crtalic, Avsec Ana, Avsec Savo, Police

Possible conspirators:
Gypsies, Weber Mitja

On March 3rd, 2007, at around 2100 hours, I survived murder attempt in place called Pekel (in English Hell) within city limits of Trebnje. After fishing all day long next to numerous local gypsies on a fish pond called Blato, I took drive home toward Novo mesto.  While driving, I lost complete control over my vehicle for at least 150 meters of distance. Road was simply coated with oil.

I survived thanks to god and my driving knowledge(special driving skills). Car spined around five times and avoided complete crash into precipice. I was miraculously spared from fatality.

Car started and I was able to leave immediately.  Place of the accident was located in the forest. Behind the first curve was parked an van ambulance
vehicle in which driver had rolled windows down steering at me while I was slowly passing by toward city center(to afraid to stop anywhere else). Accident took place some 1000 to 1500 meters(yards) away from Gypsy village Hudeje.

Driving toward Novo mesto, I stopped car on the parking lot in the middle of the Trebnje city. Changed right hand front  tire and then left for Novo mesto. I suffered some head injuries as an result of the accident. Engine Drive belt used for power steering also broke thus making wheel steering difficult. It broke when driving toward Novo mesto. I had no other choice, but driving further.

At approximately 2230(very late hour and unusual visitations) hours, I have managed to arrive at what supposedly was home.
Within no more than five minutes time upon my arrival, Doctor Igor Kotar arrived
. He pretended to be on a regular visit. Then he desired to examine me. It was obvious that entire situation was a set-up. Afterwards, I immediately went to retrieve broken tag plate on a place of the accident. While there, I demonstrated to father slippery road on which still great skidding was possible with bare tennis shoes.  Demonstrating him sliding distances of three to four meters at the time; he continued to state that road is completely normal. It was obvious that he was one of the conspirators in this intrigue. While there, gypsies were driving by back and forth quite a few times. I took tag and took of.

What suppose to be father Avsec Savo was the one initiating and insisting fishing at mentioned pond already months before. Convincing me on day to day bases how great place it is for fishing.

Before accident, we were there together eight times within quite short period of time. After the accident, I was there again with him only once and that when Crtalic Joze was also present(he never invited me again with him while he afterwards begun to  paying visitations to that pond again...that also clearly indicates deeper intrigue).

They were both with Crtalic convincing me that everything is normal. Nothing wrong with road. All these the day or two after....he insulted me as usual.
Accident took place between slope and flat. Speed 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. Pneumatics R15 195/55 and almost entirely new. Car was 2003 Mazda Protege made for American market.

As an professional driver, I was used to driving daily even up to 1200 kilometers or more. Using all the knowledge, I managed to avoid collapse over to precipice for probably three times(came very close to edge), and finally made decision to do what ever it takes and stop it somehow(while stopping, car spined around each time 360 degrees  as well three times)avoiding fatality.

Tires were completely without any traction at all !
Afterwards, I was constantly questioned and mocked by visiting people. Among them was Weber, Crtalic and others.

Mocked because this is how they attempted to steer attention away from what took place or murder attempt !

Se nadaljuje.....

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