Zakaj smo belci samodestruktivni? Sploh pa Slovenci, smo kdaj imeli kolonije, smo kdaj osvajali ozemlja, podjarmljali druga ljudstva, izvajali genocid, da bi lahko ustvarili skupno družbeno krivdo?
Spodnji sestavek bi kdo površno lahko razumel kot rasističnega, v tem primeru ga prosim, da izpostavi stavke, ki so rasistični.
In v razmislek: Če je podoben sestavek lahko legitimen za razna ameriška, sibirska, himalajska, avstralska avtohtona ljudstva podvržena postopnemu upadu, je legitimen tudi za belo raso (razlike med posameznimi narodi so minimalne), saj je trend enak. White deaths outnumber births for first time

Facts About White Decline
Some of the determining Factors of the declining birthrate are:
1. Destruction of the family unit along with promotion of abortion and collective birth control.
2. Mainstream promotion of pornography, sexual promiscuity and sexual deviance resulting in health-damaging and sterility-causing STD’s.
3. Promotion of non-reproductive, unhealthy and destructive sexual lifestyles, such as homosexuality and celibacy.
4. Widespread use of alcohol and illicit drugs, causing the degeneration of tens of millions of our people.
5. Radical feminist promotion of careerism accompanied by hostility to motherhood, as well as agitation of sexual conflict and competition between the sexes. These factors are exacerbated by economic factors that force women from motherhood and the home and into the workplace.
6. Massive non-European immigration into White nations resulting in economic pressure on European families as well as crime and other social problems that suppress the psychological underpinning of a healthy White birthrate. How often have you heard from Europeans the refrain of, “Who wants to bring a child into this messed-up world?”
7. Increased racial intermarriage with non-Europeans.
By themselves, any of these problems–on a limited and short term basis do not have to be catastrophic. Historically populations have waxed and waned from a number of factors. But when a population wane is combined with a massive invasion of non-European immigration into European homelands, Europeans face a life threatening crisis.
The non-White world continues to have robust birthrates, and the most populated nation on earth, China, has 1.3 billion people. It is a nation effectively all-Chinese, with a government openly dedicated to the Chinese people, history, culture, tradition, and interests. It judiciously guards its borders and defends Chinese identity and destiny. One can also compare the negative birthrates of Christians and non-religious Europeans to the prodigious birthrate of the Muslim world.
When accompanied by massive immigration, catastrophic birthrates amount to nothing short of the ethnic cleansing of Europeans in their own homelands. This genocide is not done with the sharp crack of rifle shots or exploding bombs, but genocide it certainly is; for if it is not stopped, this quiet gene – o – cide has exactly the same end result for our people as more conventional forms of genocide: existential death.
The Cause of our Crisis
What has happened to European mankind over the last century has not been a phenomenon arising naturally from the soul or spirit of our people. In fact, such self destructive behavior does not arise naturally from any people. Remember: at the turn of the last century our people were robust, expansionist, self-confident, prolific in reproduction and self-conscious of their racial identity and destiny. Compare that with more recent signs of self-hatred found in our people.
In 1998, former U.S. President Bill Clinton addressed the graduating students at Portland State University. When he told the students that Whites would soon be a minority in America, spontaneous applause erupted. There are few examples in world history where a people have cheered their own destruction.
This crowd cheered their own destruction because they have been bathed in anti-European propaganda in media, politics and academia.
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