SICCEE – kamp inovacij
Če ste programer, oblikovalec ali se na kak drug način ukvarjate s spletom in spletnimi skupnostmi, preberite spodnje vabilo na mednarodni kamp inovacij. Potne stroške in bivanje krije organizator, najboljše ideje bodo nagrajene.

Social Innovation Camp Central and Eastern Europe (SICCEE) will be an intense 2 days where developers, designers and social innovators compete in self-organised teams to build web-based tools for social impact.

Each team takes an early-stage idea that tackles a social problem, and turns it in to social start-up complete with working software, a community platform and a business model. At the final Show and Tell session an expert jury and forum participants will vote for the winning ideas which demonstrate the greatest potential to create real change.

SICCEE is not about improving NGOs but about people power, using the web to re-organise the world from the grassroots up. It's about using the power of the web to help individuals connect and collaborate to change things that are important in completely new ways. Since April 2008 there have been three Social Innovation Camps in the UK and all the winning projects have gone on to greater success. SICCEE is an ambitious experiment that aims to amplify the energy of Social Innovation Camp to catalyse new approaches to social change in Central and Eastern Europe.

The event aims to bring together people from Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Poland and will take plane in Bratislava on September 16-18 during the Civil Society Forum organized by the CEE Trust ( Anyone can apply at or submit ideas at The call for ideas and participation is open until Aug. 30th but places are filling up fast. We will pay for travel and reimburse accomodation. Plus, there is a cash prize for the best idea/implementation to boost further development and one for the public choice.

To learn more, head over to or see examples at

You can also join us on Twitter: and Facebook:

Come and hear more about the Social Innovation Camp Wednesday and Thursday at 18:30 in a cozy cafe around Ljubljana city centre. More updates on

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