Sun, Wind, and Cheese
Slovenia Revealed, 26. December 2016 ob 07:12 Slovenia’s Karst Plateau is one of the most unique areas in Slovenia.
Beyond the Cviček and Matevž - Dolenjska becoming a culinary powerhouse
10. November 2016 ob 13:10 Dolenjska can be referred to as the region where "they don’t drink wine, but Cviček" and "where the air has 0,5 promille of alcohol in it".
A Culinary Delicacy from Slovenia’s Hill Country
18. October 2016 ob 06:21 One of Slovenia’s newly protected dishes – prleska tünka – is now considered a great delicacy, but it emerged in response to an everyday problem: the lack of refrigeration in the era before ...
Bogračfest draws a crowd of thousands in Lendava
29. August 2016 ob 12:16 Lendava received the Bograč World Capital title in 2011. This year 88 teams took part in the bograč cooking competition.
The Decline and Resurgence of a River Species
7. July 2016 ob 06:32 Crayfish were once a common dish in Slovenia. They were so plentiful and prized that they were sold hundreds of kilometers away.
Hiša Franko enters a new chapter with Netflix opening Slovenia to the world "For every sensitive person love is of key importance. It is difficult to do good things without it, and in the kitchen love is tremendously essential. We do beautiful things because of love.
An Inn Looking for a Chef … Lately two problems might be discussed under that title, the first being the fact that the best Slovenian restaurants are having a hard time in finding personnel, and the second that some of the ...
"Brda cherries" from Italy and Spain Cherry growers have been also affected by unfavourable weather. Rain damaged mostly early fruit, and the yield will be low.
A beer next to the plate, a beer on the plate It is one thing to marinate southern ribs or grilled meat with beer, and a completely different thing to prepare a seven course high quality menu based on the most popular and oldest alcoholic drink.
A gastronomic brotherhood which opens many doors It is said that being a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, which means Chain of Roasters, opens many doors – you get the best tables in the most distinguished restaurants, and when the restaurant ...
The hills above Tolmin are famous for an age-old cheese The meadows high above the town of Tolmin are ideal for the production of dairy products, and for centuries the area has been the home to a unique type of cheese.
A Bread with a Long History Slovenia’s southern province of Bela Krajina is known as a land of sun-drenched vineyards and birch forests.
Wide choice this weekend: from Jestival in Kobarid to Styria Beer Festival The first October weekend offers a wide selection of culinary events.
Protecting mountain meadows and ensuring food self-sufficiency Farmers, bee keepers, stock farmers, wine makers and many others producers of food and beverages all help ensure that Slovenia has a good supply of local and naturally-grown food.
Koper's culinary rebirth - Paninfest exceeded all expectations "The first Paninfest is behind us, and judging by the response it most certainly was not the last. The Shoemaker road obviously got another event which will turn traditional," enthused the ...