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Jure Zdovc
Olimpija’s financial troubles, which have plagued the team for many years, may finally be over. Rumor has it that Olimpija wants to acquire Jure Zdovc, who is currently without a team. Foto: EPA


Janković: Petrol is coming; Olimpija’s future is bright

Tomaž Berločnik to become the president of the team
18. May 2017 ob 19:05
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Brighter times appear to be in store for Union Olimpija, not just on the basketball court, but also in the back office.

Not long ago, we reported that one way to save the financially troubled team was an investment from the Petrol oil company. Now, it’s becoming clear that this will indeed happen. Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković confirmed Petrol’s new role to TV Slovenia’s reporter Miha Mišič.

Janković is one of the key players in the effort to save Olimpija amidst its financial troubles; he has a major role in various decisions made by the team. When asked if Petrol is the sponsor that will invest in the team, Janković responded with a smile: "Yes, there is something to this."

Several sources have confirmed that Tomaž Berločnik will take over as Olimpija’s president. He is currently the head of Slovenia’s largest power company. Interestingly, Berločnik has tended to avoid such positions, but for several months he has been encouraged – apparently effectively – to join the team.

The new president us expected to make changes to the team’s management and change the way it operates. Many observers are also predicting large-scale financial investment and new sponsors.

"This association of sponsors is well-coordinated; the CEOs and managers of the companies have good mutual relations, so Olimpija’s future is bright," added Janković.

Olimpija’s general meeting is scheduled for late May; that’s when other details will be presented to the public.

R. K., Miha Mišič, TV Slovenija; Translated by J. B.

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