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After Meta Hrovat failed to finish in the first competition of this year’s Junior World Championships (the super-G), she won a gold in slalom and a silver in the combined. Foto:


Meta Hrovat wins another medal: a silver in the combined

This is the third medal at the Junior World Championships for the young native of the Gorenjska region
5. February 2018 ob 21:46

After winning the gold in slalom at the Junior World Championships in Davos, Meta Hrovat has now also won a silver in the combined.

Only the Swiss skier Aline Danioth was faster than the 19-year-old Gorenjska native (the difference was 56 hundredths of a second). Third place went to the Austrian Franziska Gritsch, whose time was 1.16 seconds behind the winner. This is Horvat’s third medal at Junior World Championships and the second in Davos. She had already won the gold in slalom.

The 19-year-old skier from the village of Podkoren had also won a silver in the combined at last year’s Junior World Championship in Åre.

Hrovat is now heading to South Korea, where she will compete in her very first Olympics.
Until today, 15 Slovenians had won at least one Junior World Champion title at 15 events, while 29 Slovenian competitors had won medals.

Ilka Štuhec has had the most success. She won the Junior World Champion title three times – in slalom and the combined in 2017 in Flachau and the downhill in 2008 in Formigal.

Urška Hrovat and Boštjan Kline also have two Junior World Champion titles each – Kline in the super-G and the downhill, and Hrovat in slalom.

Gregor Valenčič, T. O.; translated by J. B.
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