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Marcos Tavares has finally scored his debut goal in the Champions League group stage. The Brazilian is a real club icon and most responsible for the club's great success in the past decade. Foto: BoBo


Milanič: We lacked a victory against Spartak to fulfill our wishes

Borussia, Monaco and Benfica with less points
7. December 2017 ob 12:36
Maribor - MMC RTV SLO

Maribor ended its Champions League spell with a very nice performance. Another half a million euros will flow into the club's budget. But sadly there was no icing on the cake and no first victory at the Ljudski Vrt Stadium in the Champions League.

Marcos Tavares scored his first goal in the Champions League group stage and he also had a big chance to make it 2:0. In its three seasons in the Champions League, NK Maribor has only won once – in the opening match 18 years ago in Kiev with a goal from Ante Šimundža.

"I'm really happy for Tavares, who scored the most goals in European club competition qualification matches. He has now also, for the first time, scored a goal in the Champions League group stage. It's a pity that he didn't score one more. But he deservedly scored the goal and we all still expect a lot from him as he really is an excellent football player," coach Darko Milanič spoke highly about the club's legend. He also praised Martin Milec, who made a perfect assist for the goal in the 10th minute and is currently playing the best football in his career: "Milec is excellent and he's in really top form. Once he goes through the whole season preparations with the team, he'll only maintain that extremely high level."

A. G., MMC; translated by K. J.
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