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“The song has undergone a nice makeover. I'm even more excited about the new arrangement,” said Naber. Foto: Jani Ugrin
Omar Naber
Slovenia's Eurovision competitor, who will represent his country for the second time in the same city, remains positive Foto: Jani Ugrin


Omar Naber: I'll be completely alone on the Eurovision stage

Slovenia's Eurovision song gets a new arrangement
9. March 2017 ob 19:49
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

On My Way, the song which Obar Naber will sing when he represents Slovenia for the second time at the Eurovision Song Contest, has gotten a makeover.

"The song has undergone a nice makeover. I'm even more excited about the new arrangement," said Naber. It was rerecorded by the Budapest National Philharmonic Orchestra. "I'm thrilled about the idea proposed by the song's arranger, Žiga Pirnat. We recorded this version in Budapest, while Žiga conducted it via Skype from Los Angeles, where he currently lives. And interesting linkup!" added Naber.

The two men responsible for On My Way first met about seven years ago, when Pirnat invited Naber to work with him on another project. Even then, Slovenia's Eurovision representative admits, Naber Pirnat left a good impression on him. The two deepened their collaborative spirit during this year's Ema preselection event.

And interesting tidbit: The Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, with which Pirnat has been collaborating for a number of years (it's the reason why he recorded On My Way with them), also recorded the music for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Rise Like a Phoenix, sung by Conchita Wurst.

No backing vocals in Kiev
Naber will perform solo on the Eurovision Song Contest stage. "I'll be completely alone on the stage.

The song deserves to be intimate because it talks about loneliness – the feeling of being lost and all alone. I wrote the song some time ago, in a moment of weakness, when I didn't know how to go on. And I feel that if I had backing vocals on stage, I'd ruin that sense of intimacy. That's why my creative team and I have decided that I should perform solo," explained Naber.

After Ema...
As was the case in recent years, the Ema preselection triggered a wide range of reactions – both about the event itself and the final selection for Kiev. "I didn't follow the reactions myself because I don't want to be personally affected by them. After every Ema, Slovenia is divided into two camps. One supports the winner, while the other in in favor of those who lost but, according to them, should have won. It's the same every year. Those who aren't happy are more vocal than those who are, regardless of the winning song and whether it's good or not. Those who don't support you tend to tear you apart, while the supporters don't have much reason for being that vocal. It's a funny phenomenon but I was ready for it," explained Naber.

Slovenia's Eurovision competitor, who will represent his country for the second time in the same city, remains positive. "I knew that Slovenia was going to be divided after Ema, as it is every year. I have to say that I have many supporters. Many people congratulate me for being chosen as Slovenia's representative. This gives my performance meaning," concluded Naber.

K. K.
Translated by J. B.

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