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If the elections were held today, the largest opposition party SDS would get the largest number of votes. Foto: BoBo


Poll of public opinion shows SDS remains well ahead

Lack of support to government diminished
18. April 2016 ob 13:20
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

If the elections were held today, the largest opposition party SDS would get the largest number of votes, i.e. 16.6%, with Social Democrats (SD) in the second place with 10.4%, and Modern Centre Party (SMC) close behind with 10% of votes, show the results of the Vox populi survey conducted by Ninamedia for Televizija Slovenija and Dnevnik newspaper.

The support to SDS diminished by 0.2 percentage points compared to March, and support to SD - for the second month in a row ahead of SMC - by 0.4 percentage points. On the other hand, SMC is gaining support, namely 1.5 percentage points more votes in two months.

The United Left (ZL) placed fourth; after the surge to 8.7% in March its, support has rather diminished to 6.5%. During the month NSi gained the most supporters - obviously Ljudmila Novak's appearance at the rally in the beginning of April prompted a lot of supporters, at the moment 5.7%, which is by 1.6 percentage points more than previous month and places the party at the fifth place, followed by DeSUS with 4.6%.

There are still a lot of undecided voters, more than 43%.

Pahor remains most popular
The work of the government gained some more appreciation by the voters, as the number supporting the government somewhat increased from March (29.5%) to 30.3%. Yet 63% of the people still do not support the work of the government, which is more than 10% less than in March.

Borut Pahor remains the most popular politician (average grade 3.59), followed by the European Commissioner Violeta Bulc (3.37) and the member of European parliament Tanja Fajon (3.11). Branko Grims, MP from SDS, is on the last place with 2.02.

The survey was conducted by Ninamedia agency between April 12 and 14 on a representative sample of 700 respondents.

A. Č., MMC; translated by G. K.
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