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Janez Janša, SDS
President of the largest opposition party SDS Janez Janša is certain people are trying to close the archives out of fear, they might contain "unpleasant matters”. Foto: BoBo


SDS gathered enough signatures for a referendum on archives

20. March 2014 ob 09:15
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

The largest opposition party SDS has managed to gather more than 40.000 signatures, needed for the referendum about the archives and archive material.

According to its president Janez Janša the best date of the referendum would be the date of the elections for the European parliament, scheduled for the 25th of May. Janša is certain, people are trying to close the archives out of fear, they might contain "unpleasant matters". Allthough Minister for Culture Uroš Grilc described the referendum initiative as totally unnecessary. He also admitted also could reach some new findings related to the State security service UDBA, the secret police of Yugoslavia. Grilc added that out of 17,000 files from controlled entities only 4,000 files are still preserved in the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

A. J., RSI
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