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I’m writing you, book, who is reading you?
Slovenian Book Days, 23. April 2017 ob 06:18 Slovenian Book Days: book production in Slovenia was growing between 1991 and 2009 (when the record number of titles was issued; 6,953), but has since been falling; in 2015, 5,411 titles were issued.
The Earth is our common home. Its future depends on all of us.
22. April 2017 ob 08:57 At the World Earth Day (22 April): In the past ten years the climate has been changing more rapidly than expected.
Water: it is life, it is equality, it is energy, it is industry, it is nature, it is food
22. March 2017 ob 09:58 Water is an irreplaceable natural resource necessary for life and a source of many human activities. The quality of our life and the very existence of life depend on it.
International Day of Forests
21. March 2017 ob 13:04 In 2012 the UN General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests to encourage countries to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable forest and wood management as wood is ...
In 2015, 15% of theatrical performances were by professional puppet theatres
21. March 2017 ob 08:18 The idea of proclaiming 21 March the World Puppetry Day was given by the Indian puppeteer Dadi Pudumjee in 2002 at the meeting of UNIMA, the International Puppetry Association.
In the past decade on average 245 titles of original Slovene poetry were issued annually in Slovenia UNESCO proclaimed 21 March as World Poetry Day in 1999 to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.
This is your life. If you are a man and live in Slovenia ... Men in Slovenia celebrate on 10 March. Therefore, we present some facts from 2015 on the life cycle of an average man in Slovenia.
This is your life. If you are a woman and live in Slovenia ... At the International Women’s Day we present some facts from 2015 recorded by statisticians on the life cycle of an average woman in Slovenia.
In Slovenia in 2015 music prevailed with almost 70% of radio broadcasting time In 2015 there were around 90 radio programs in Slovenia, which broadcast over 493,000 hours of various contents; of these 28 programs broadcast regional and 53 local content.
Around 26,200 events in cultural institutions in Slovenia in 2015 Slovenian book publishers issued 1,668 works of literature in 2015, of which 901 titles of original Slovenian literature and 767 translations.
16-24-year-olds and Safer Internet Day 7 February is the Safer Internet Day.

Slovenia in Numbers

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