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What has changed in Slovenia since it won independence? At the Statehood Day, 25 June, we prepared a longer release describing economic, environmental and demographic changes experienced by Slovenia in the last almost 30 years.
By the end of March more than 800,000 arrivals and over 2 million overnight stays More than 691,000 tourist overnight stays and more than 249,000 tourist arrivals were recorded in Slovenia in February 2018.
20 May became the World Bee Day on the initiative of Slovenia As regards the number of beekeepers per 1,000 population, Slovenia is at the top of the EU-28. However, as regards the quantity, it is among to smallest honey producers in the EU.
Museums and galleries in Slovenia organised 1,960 exhibitions and around 37,000 educational programs in 2016 The International Council of Museums, ICOM , proclaimed 18 May the International Museum Day 41 years ago.
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day The emphasis of the World Telecommunication and Information Society day is on the potentials of artificial intelligence that has the ability to learn also on the basis of the data that are created ...
Slovenian Book Days 2018: 5,319 book titles issued in 2016, 1,808 of them literature Book production in Slovenia was growing between 1991 and 2011, but since then it has been in decline: in 1991 2,459 titles, in 2009 record-breaking 6,953 titles, and in 2016 – latest data – 5,319 ...
In 2017 1.69 million passengers travelled through all three Slovenian international airports In 2017 1.69 million passengers travelled through all three Slovenian international airports (Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Airport of Edvard Rusjan Maribor, Portorož Airport).
This year's World Health Day is held under the slogan "Health for All" Slovenia assigns annually about 9% of its GDP to health, mostly for curative treatment and for medical goods.
Hens in Slovenia lay on average a million eggs a day According to the latest data, there are about 1.7 million laying hens in Slovenia, which lay on average a million eggs a day.
In Slovenia more people feel happy most or all of the time than in the EU-28 overall Healthy people are much more satisfied with their lives than those who have health issues.
In 2017 tourists generated almost 12 million overnight stays In December 2017, 11% more tourist arrivals and 10% more overnight stays were recorded in tourist accommodations than in December 2016. The same was true for foreign and domestic tourists.
In 2016 a resident of Slovenia spent on average EUR 172 on culture 8 February, the Prešeren Day, has been celebrated as the day of culture since 1945 and as a national holiday since 1946. It has been a work-free day since 1991. Cultural output in 2016
Safer Internet Day 2018 and e-skills In 2017, 68% of individuals aged 16–74 years used the Internet every day or almost every day.
In 2016 on average 1,418 people visited each exhibition in museums and galleries According to provisional data, museums and galleries prepared 1,960 exhibitions in 2016; they were attended by almost 2.8 million visitors.
Stat'o'book – Statistical Overview of Slovenia 2017 For over 70 several years Statistical Office’s employees have been collecting, analysing and publishing data on economic, demographic and social fields as well as on the field of environment and ...
Already more tourist overnight stays than in the entire 2016 Almost 579,000 tourist overnight stays and more than 240,000 arrivals were recorded in November 2017, which is 8% more overnight stays and 10% more arrivals than in November 2016.
2017 – a year of economic growth At the end of 2017 we are publishing the latest statistical data on the situation in the country. Further on only some selected statistics are presented.
62% of immigrants who first immigrated to Slovenia in 2008–2009 still live in Slovenia 33,400 out of 54,000 immigrants who first immigrated to Slovenia in 2008–2009 still live in Slovenia.
In 2016, 1.5 million passengers travelled through Slovenia’s international airports In 1996 the United Nations proclaimed 7 December the International Civil Aviation Day to increase awareness of the importance of international civil aviation and the role of the
December shopping spree Happy December is the time of celebration, holiday shopping, decoration and socialising. For many this is their favourite time of the year; but it is also one of the most expensive.
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