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In 2016 on average 1,418 people visited each exhibition in museums and galleries According to provisional data, museums and galleries prepared 1,960 exhibitions in 2016; they were attended by almost 2.8 million visitors.
Stat'o'book – Statistical Overview of Slovenia 2017 For over 70 several years Statistical Office’s employees have been collecting, analysing and publishing data on economic, demographic and social fields as well as on the field of environment and ...
Already more tourist overnight stays than in the entire 2016 Almost 579,000 tourist overnight stays and more than 240,000 arrivals were recorded in November 2017, which is 8% more overnight stays and 10% more arrivals than in November 2016.
2017 – a year of economic growth At the end of 2017 we are publishing the latest statistical data on the situation in the country. Further on only some selected statistics are presented.
62% of immigrants who first immigrated to Slovenia in 2008–2009 still live in Slovenia 33,400 out of 54,000 immigrants who first immigrated to Slovenia in 2008–2009 still live in Slovenia.
In 2016, 1.5 million passengers travelled through Slovenia’s international airports In 1996 the United Nations proclaimed 7 December the International Civil Aviation Day to increase awareness of the importance of international civil aviation and the role of the
December shopping spree Happy December is the time of celebration, holiday shopping, decoration and socialising. For many this is their favourite time of the year; but it is also one of the most expensive.
Only in three EU-28 Member States slightly more men than women Men in Slovenia are on average 41.2 years old, most of them are named Franc. Men’s gross earnings are EUR 102 higher than women’s gross earnings.
With statistics against waste generation and improper waste treatment For several years the European Union has been encouraging us to implement various actions with which we can help to reduce the amount of waste to the greatest extent possible.
The household saving rate in Slovenia again among the highest A t the first international congress of savings banks in Milan, Italy, in 1924 representatives of savings banks selected the last day of the congress, 31 October, to be the World Savings Day.
World Tourism Day: Sustainable tourism, a tool for development 27 September has been celebrated as the World Tourism Day since 1979.
By knowing English, the most frequently spoken foreign language in Slovenia, we are part of Europe and the world In Europe 26 September has been a day dedicated to languages since 2001.
21 September - a day when United Nations promote peace in a society of peace-loving people Under the auspices of the UN, Slovenia accepted 21 September as the Day of Peace.
Shared mobility contributes to lower environmental pollution Between 16 and 22 September many cities and towns in Slovenia will celebrate the 16th European Mobility Week, which will conclude on Friday, 22 September, with the Car Free Day.
From statistical archives: the statistical story on the average school day 60 years ago, in the school year 1956/57 60 years ago some of us went to school for the first time, and thus today we have gathered in order to discuss our memories.
The share of the young in the total population in the EU and Slovenia continues to decrease At the International Youth Day we focus on the decreasing trend in the share of the young (15–29 years) in the total population.
Slovenians are big lovers of beer, this oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage International Beer Day: Slovenia has a long tradition of beer brewing.
There are on average 57 people per sq. km of land in the world; in Slovenia 102, in the EU 118 11 July is the World Population Day. The Earth is home to 7.4 billion people and this year the number will grow by 77 million. The world population is not uniformly distributed.
Has the number of violent deaths in Slovenia really increased in recent years? In the 2000–2016 period 930 violent deaths were recorded in Slovenia, victims were on average 39 years old. Men represented slightly more than 70% of victims in this period.
Almost a third of Slovenia’s population attend concerts Music Day: During leisure time 7% of the population sings and dances, 5% plays instruments and 1% creates music. In Europe the Music Day is celebrated on the longest day of the year, i.e. 21 June.
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