Slovenia Revealed
A Gymnast Who Coached the Best
Slovenia Revealed, 19. January 2018 ob 08:38 Gymnast Boris Gregorka was one of Slovenia’s first Olympic medalists.
A Beauty Centuries in the Making
18. January 2018 ob 07:32 Snežnik is best known as beautiful plateau in southern Slovenia whose snow-capped heights can even be seen from the Adriatic coast.
A Painting with a Secret Past
17. January 2018 ob 06:27 It’s an iconic image of an elderly woman drinking coffee, a work of art that has even been featured in television commercials.
A Vet Who Championed the Arts
16. January 2018 ob 06:12 Nikolaj Sadnikar was a pioneering Slovenian veterinarian, but he is best remembered today for creating an outstanding private museum collection, which remains one of the most complete of its kind in ...
The Mysterious World of Iron Ore
15. January 2018 ob 06:30 The mountains above the industrial town of Jesenice, at an altitude between 1000 and 1300 meters, are crisscrossed by mysterious tunnels.
Ljubljana’s Forgotten Villa Perched on the southern slopes of Ljubljana’s Castle Hill, Villa Samassa is easy to miss. Even drivers who enter the nearby road tunnel rarely notice the building.
A Slovenian Bishop Who Helped to Create Vienna Boys’ Choir During centuries of Hapsburg rule, Slovenians from the upper classes often looked toward Vienna, the Imperial capital, for their higher education and cultural enrichment.
A Doctor and a Storyteller A man named Bogomir Magajna helped to pioneer modern psychiatry in Slovenia, but he also left behind an impressive literary legacy, including numerous works of fiction for both adults and children.
An Extraordinary Passion for the Heights It is said that climbing Triglav is an obsession for the Slovenian people. Even so, a man named Franjo Potočnik stands apart in his commitment to the country’s highest mountain.
A Journey to the Valley of Peace In an era when the film industries in most Communist countries produced spectacular World War II epics, a Slovenian movie became well-known for its altogether more intimate portrayal of war and its ...
The Unlikely History of a River Valley The Soča River in northwestern Slovenia has always served as a crossroads of history. It saw several border changes in the 20th century.
The Home of Slovenia’s Avant-Garde Despite its small size, Slovenia prides itself on world-class creative life; it has managed to stay on the forefront of global trends in many fields, including theater.
A Poet’s Rose When a Slovenian intellectual created a new variety of rose, the name came naturally to him. He chose to honor the man widely regarded as Slovenia’s greatest poet.
The Life of Pioneering Feminist Zofka Kveder was a woman ahead of her time.
An Industrialist’s Pond The Koseze Pond in the Ljubljana neighborhood of the same name was the unintended result of an industrial project.