Slovenia Revealed
A Landscape Carved by Water
Slovenia Revealed, 26. April 2017 ob 06:51 The Upper Sava Valley is known for its spectacular landscapes, dominated by lush forests and craggy peaks.
A Rocky Refuge
25. April 2017 ob 06:33 It is one of the most striking buildings in Slovenia: The Predjama Castle, not far from the town of Postojna, perched on a cliff and concealing a secret entrance leading to a cave.
An Extraordinary Passion for the Heights
24. April 2017 ob 06:07 It is said that climbing Triglav is an obsession for the Slovenian people. Even so, a man named Franjo Potočnik stands apart in his commitment to the country’s highest mountain.
The Burning of a Slovenian Symbol
21. April 2017 ob 06:47 The port city of Trieste has always been of great importance to the Slovenian people.
A Deal with the Devil
20. April 2017 ob 06:34 In a wooded area not far from the famed Lake Bohinj, on the edge of the Triglav National Park, visitors may stumble on a small stone bridge with a surprisingly interesting history.
A Gift from the Depths Rogaška Slatina is a resort town known for its parks, promenades, and Art Nouveau building.
A Land of Water and Life Slovenia’s Bela Krajina region, in the far south of the country on the border with Croatia, is relatively little-known among visitors, but those who do make it there tend to be captivated by its ...
The Argonauts in Ljubljana The Ljubljanica River is famous for winding its way through Slovenia’s capital, and for appearing and disappearing several times as it flows down from the Karst Plateau.
The Life of Pioneering Feminist Zofka Kveder was a woman ahead of her time.
A Celebration of Alpine Flowers Alpine flowers are among the most attractive harbingers of spring, and they are at their most enchanting in the mountains.
A Waterfall that Inspired a Poet Slovenia is a country of abundant rainfall: The rain makes Slovenia one of the world’s most verdant countries – and it results in spectacular waterfalls around the country, the most visited of which ...
The Tallest Spruce of All The Pohorje mountain range in northern Slovenia is known for its vast swathes of unspoiled nature.
A Tradition Rediscovered Rateče, a small village in Slovenia’s Julian Alps, is best known as a base for ski jumping, skiing, and spectacular summer hikes.
A Remarkable Manuscript from a Small Village Compared to some of Slovenia’s more famous places of worship, the Church of St. Thomas in the Alpine village of Rateče appears unremarkable at first sight.
The hills above the town of Jesenice turn white each spring Each spring, something magical happens on the mountainsides above the industrial Slovenian town of Jesenice.