Slovenia Revealed
A Controversial Co-Founder of Yugoslavia
Slovenia Revealed, 20. November 2017 ob 06:48 Anton Korošec, a priest-turned-politician, was one of the key people behind the Slovenian people’s struggle for autonomy in the 20th
A Mission to Protect and Preserve
17. November 2017 ob 06:24 Slovenia is frequently called the land of forests. After all, it boasts a higher proportion of forest-covered territory than any other European nation outside of Scandinavia.
Finding Light in Darkness
16. November 2017 ob 06:21 Evgen Bavčar is a leading Slovenian-born photographer whose avant-garde creations are admired all over Europe and beyond. But remarkably, Bavčar is also completely blind.
A Slovenian-Born Photographer of Bohemian Berlin
15. November 2017 ob 08:22 A Slovenian-born photographer became one of the foremost chroniclers of Berlin in the early 20th century.
A Craft that Shaped a Region
14. November 2017 ob 07:31 In a nation defined by its mountains, the region of Prekmurje is known instead for its lowlands and gently rolling hills.
An Unlikely Marathon Man Slovenians have a passion for extreme sports; in recent years, many athletes have even set records by tackling ambitious feats of endurance.
A Castle on a River Bend A spectacular meander of the Lahinja River just outside of Gradac in Slovenia’s Bela Krajina region is the site of a storied castle.
A Hidden Cave Under the Alps Babji Zob, a tooth-like crag on a cliff not far from the resort town of Bled, was created when a witch fell down the cliff and cast a spell on the mountain – at least that’s how a local legend ...
A Woman Ahead of Her Time In an era when women could not get a formal education and female writers were unheard of in the Slovenian Lands, Josipina Turnograjska bucked the trend.
A Passion for Slovenian Culture Most of the historic province of Carinthia is now a part of Austria, but for centuries, it was at the heart of Slovenian cultural life.
The Brief Glory of a Small Village Dvor, a small village on the Krka River, is now best known for the natural beauty of its surroundings, but it was once also the site of an ironworks that supplied products to all of Europe and was ...
A Museum of Learning Adjacent to the Ursuline Church in the heart of Ljubljana is the headquarters of a small, hard-to-find museum that isn’t a major tourist destination, even though it provides valuable insight into a ...
The Castle Where History was Written With its appealing architecture and bucolic surroundings, Bogenšperk Castle, not far from the central Slovenian town of Litija, is a popular destination for day trippers.
Saving Slovenia’s’ Musical Heritage Born into a musical family, Luka Kramolc may have been destined for a career in music, but his impact has been more profound than his family would have ever suspected.
The Tallest Spruce of All The Pohorje mountain range in northern Slovenia is known for its vast swathes of unspoiled nature.