Slovenia Revealed
Slovenia’s Animation Duo
Slovenia Revealed, 25. September 2017 ob 07:13 Compared to many other post-Communist countries, including neighboring Croatia, Slovenia does not have a long tradition of animated films.
In service of a neglected Slovenian community
19. September 2017 ob 19:30 Squeezed between various 20th -century ideologies and nationalisms, the Slovenian community in northeastern Italy often struggled to survive.
A Reminder of a Vanished Community
21. September 2017 ob 06:24 Maribor, Slovenia’s second city, is a place with a long and varied history.
A Serbian religious jewel in Ljubljana
20. September 2017 ob 12:29 When Ljubljana’s Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius was built in 1936, its neo-Byzantine architecture made it immediately obvious that it was unlike any other church in the city.
A Daughter of the Rising Sun
19. September 2017 ob 07:14 In the 1920s and 30s, an era before instantaneous global communication and jet travel, the people of Ljubljana were frequently startled by the sight of a Japanese woman walking around the capital in ...
A Slovenian woman’s trans-Atlantic newspaper career Several high-profile editors have made a lasting impact on Slovenian journalism, but in many ways, Anna Krasna Praček’s work stands apart.
A Land of Wine, Birch Trees and Ferns While several Slovenian wine regions, most notably the Goriška Brda wine country, have recently emerged as major tourist destinations, the vineyard-covered hills above Metlika in the southeastern ...
The Artist Who Shaped Modern Ballet Slovenia has a long tradition of dance, but it has not always been hospitable to avant-garde forms of the art.
A Slovenian Dynasty’s Journey from Barrels to High Tech Skiing has a long tradition in Slovenia. Residents of the Bloke Plateau were the first in Central Europe to use skis, and in the 20th century, skiing became the Slovenian national pastime.
The Sounds of the Mediterranean After years of Fascist rule, the region of Primorska rejoined Slovenia in the wake of World War II.
Slovenia’s Own Television Inventor As radio was taking over the world by storm in the 1920s, several intrepid inventors were already focused on the brand-new medium of television. From France and the U.K.
An Ancient Rite of Passage For any village in Slovenia, a wedding is one of the most important events of the year.
The Bishops’ Castle The ancient Slovenian town of Škofja Loka is renowned for its graceful beauty. Even its location, nestled beneath verdant hills, gives it a timeless feel.
A Journey Through Mysterious Landscapes The village of Lipica is the home of the famed Lipizzaner horses made famous by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.
A Slovenian in Paris The City of Light has long attracted some of the world’s most creative talent.