Slovenia Revealed
Slovenia’s Shooting Star
Slovenia Revealed, 21. July 2017 ob 06:45 Basketball is one of Slovenia’s most popular sports. Every year, thousands of fans root for the national team or, more recently, for Slovenian players in the NBA.
Unmasking the Secrets of Language
20. July 2017 ob 07:11 Slovenians tend to be proud of their language, and it’s no surprise that one of Ljubljana’s most prominent streets is named after a linguist.
The Story of the Sea
19. July 2017 ob 06:22 Slovenia may be best known for its mountains, but its people also have a long tradition of living on and with the sea.
The Enduring Power of Books
18. July 2017 ob 06:41 Mohorjeva Družba – the Hermagoras Society, named for the first Bishop of Aquileia – is not just an ordinary publishing company.
Capturing the Mountains on Film
17. July 2017 ob 13:33 For the Slovenian people, mountains have long been a source of pride and national identity.
A Geological Treasure Trove of the Alps Not far from the attractive mountain town of Tržič lies a hidden valley that once formed the bottom of the ocean floor.
A historic passion for horses Slovenia’s Ljutomer area in the northeastern part of the country is famous for its white wines and its bucolic landscapes, but few realize that it’s also the origin of a unique breed of horse.
Slovenia’s Defeat at the Ballot Box The history of Carinthia, a province of Austria just to the north of the Slovenian border, changed forever on October 20, 1920.
A Theater in the Hill Country Slovenia has a long tradition of stage drama, but its oldest theater building isn’t in Ljubljana – it’s in the small mining town of Idrija, nestled among the hills of western Slovenia.
An Artist Who Immortalized Rural Life Maksim Gaspari devoted much of his life to his portrayals of folk motifs from rural Slovenia – and his work now provides an invaluable glimpse of the changing traditions of the Slovenian countryside.
The Story of a Ruined Castle Even though it is now largely in ruin, the Kamen Castle still provides an impressive sight as it guards the entrance to the Draga Valley in Slovenia’s Gorenjska region.
A Missionary to Native Americans Growing up in the Slovenian Alps, Lovrenc Lavtižar decided to devote his life to priesthood.
A Witness to History The Reichenburg Castle above the town of Brestanica in eastern Slovenia draws visitors who come to admire its historic, Romanesque architecture and to revel in the view toward the confluence of the ...
A Battle in Vienna For centuries, Slovenia was a land of castles and knights.
A Monument that Divided the Nation Lying in the heart of Ljubljana, the picturesque Prešeren Square is named after France Prešeren , often described as the greatest Slovenian poet of all time.