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The first snow of the season is causing problems in road traffic. Photo: Barbara Renčof


Snow and bora causing problems on roads

13. November 2017 ob 14:03
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

The first snow of the season has fallen in Slovenia. It is causing problems in road traffic; the Primorska highway was closed due to slide-offs of trucks. The traffic is additionally hindered by bora, while the heavy night rain flooded several houses at the coastal region.

The precipitations increased in the morning, and the snowfall boundary has dropped to the lowlands in several parts of the hinterland. By the evening, when the precipitations will stop in most parts of the country, from 10 to 25 centimetres of snow will have fallen in the altitude above 500 metres, and in lowlands less than 10 centimetres of snow are expected.

The largest quantity of snow will fall in high mountain ranges. Especially in the Julian Alps even 50 cm of fresh snow are expected, which will increase the danger of avalanches.

This morning the traffic at the Koroško region was hindered by fallen trees, and in some parts of the Styria region there were problems with electric supply. Some weather-related problems occurred also at the coastal region, where water flooded some houses, and some landslides occurred. The rivers in the Primorje region are still rising, and they might overflow, while bora is causing up to 2 metres high waves.

G. K., MMC; translated by G. K.