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With flowering ash trees the image of Slovenska cesta will change in every season of the year. The tiny patterned pavers give the impression of a soft rug under your feet. Foto: BoBo


The reconstruction of Slovenska cesta: From a main traffic artery into a comfortable living room

The ideas of the architects behind the project
25. May 2015 ob 13:03
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Slovenska cesta is one of Ljubljana's key avenues. With its tree line, pavements and urban equipment is has a special meaning which suits her role in the city's modern image.

Those are the thoughts of the architects behind the not yet completely finished renovation of Slovenska cesta. Their main aim is to transform the busy traffic road in the city center into an area for pedestrians, cyclists and public transportation. Slovenska cesta manifests the traffic policy of the Municipality of Ljubljana. The policy is strategically directed towards encouraging walking on foot, cycling and using public transportation.

At the same time the reconstruction gives Slovenska cesta a new, modern identity. The street will not only be a traffic road, but also a place which will play an important social role in the city and be used for sports and social events.

The team of authors responsible for the new image of Slovenska cesta includes representatives from the architecture firms Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti, Katušić Kocbek Arhitekti, Sadar +Vuga and Scapelab.

Alenka Klun, MMC; translated by K. J.
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