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The work of Tolstoy will be discussed by domestic and foreign connoisseurs at a number of lectures. Foto: Cankarjev dom


Three months of Tolstoy - what can the writer tell modernity

In the Cankar Hall Tolstoy, a Truth Seeker festival, is beginning
11. January 2017 ob 12:36
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

In the Cankar Hall, the first months of the new year are dedicated to one of the greatest novel writers of all times - Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. The focus is on the co-production staging of War and Peace, and exhibitions, lectures, and other happenings with the purpose of throwing light upon the different facets of the Russian literary giant.

The work of Tolstoy will be discussed by domestic and foreign connoisseurs at a number of lectures. They will also try to establish what Tolstoy can tell to today's readers. Two exhibitions have been prepared, and Tolstoy's work will be introduced to children through a musical narrative event.

New interpretation of the literary classic
The central event of the festival is the large co-production of the Slovenian National Theatre SNG Drama Ljubljana, Ljubljana City Theatre MGL, and the Cankar Hall, of War and Peace directed by Silvio Purcarete from January 20 and March 13. According to the director, it is not just a simple translation of a novel into theatrical language, but anew invented way of interpreting the story.

M. K., MMC; translated by G. K.
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