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The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency and the General Police Administration presented their latest reports on road safety. Foto: EPA


Traffic Safety Agency: same number of road deaths as 60 years ago

Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency presents its latest report
10. January 2018 ob 23:27
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

According to the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, Slovenian roads were safer than ever in 2017.

There were fewer traffic accidents than in 2016, and the number of fatalities and traffic-related injuries also decreased. What's more, last year's toll of 106 road deaths was the lowest since 1957, the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency said at a press conference.

In 2017, the total number of road deaths stood at 106 – down 24 from the year before. 831 people sustained serious injuries (19 fewer than in 2016), and 6,875 people sustained minor injuries (down 731 year-on-year).

"We have as many road deaths as 60 years ago when there were far fewer vehicles around. Slovenia's motorization rate in 2017 was 43 times higher than in 1957," said Igor Velov, the head of the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency. The Agency said that that excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcohol, and wrong-way driving remain the biggest traffic safety problems

G. C., MMC; translated by D. V.