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Luka Dončić made two moves that stood out in the last minute. Foto: Reuters


Video: Two Dončić moves that stood out in the last minute

An American football touchdown assist
5. December 2018 ob 11:41
New York - MMC RTV SLO

The Dallas Mavericks basketball players continue on their winning path. With Dončić's return they beat Portland at home with 111:102.

The Slovenian teenager previously missed his first game in his short NBA career. Upon his return he was once again the first scorer for the Mavs. He scored 21 points last night. He also made two moves that stood out in the last minute. First, his teammate Dennis Smith attacked the basket and then somehow got the ball to Dončić, who stepped back and made a decisive three-pointer to put Dallas in a 108:99 lead.

A touchdown assist
Around 20 second later Dončič received the ball under the basket on his side of the court and then, in the style of the best American football quarterbacks, made a full-court laser-precise assist to Smith who finished off the attack with a dunk.

Upon receiving the prize: "There’s a lot to improve"
Before the match Luka Dončić officially received the Western Conference Rookie of the Month award for October and November. He scored an average of 18,5 points per game in those months, leading the Mavericks in scoring. He was also second on the team in rebounds and assists. Dončić was happy after the small ceremony, but his feet are still firmly on the ground: "It means a lot. It's another example for me to keep working hard and keep fighting for what I want. There’s a lot to improve."

S. J., MMC; translated by K. J.
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