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The support of government continues to diminish. Foto: MMC RTV SLO
Borut Pahor
The President of the Republic Borut Pahor remains the most popular politician in Slovenia. Foto: BoBo


Vox populi: Public support of government diminishes

Pahor the most popular politician
17. July 2017 ob 11:28
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

The support of government continues to diminish. SDS Party remains the most popular party, although its support diminished as well, reveals the July Vox populi poll.

SDS Party remains the most popular party in Slovenia; it would receive the votes of 13% of the respondents (14.9 in June). SD Party would take the second place with the support of 11.2% of the voters (11.9 in June). The SMC Party with the support of 8.8% of the respondents (9.8 in June) is closely followed by the Left with 8.5% (7.8 in June). The support to the Alliance of Social Liberal Democrats has grown noticeably with (2.2% compared to only 0.5% in June).

According to the mood of the voters at this moment, the two other parties which would qualify for the National Assembly would be DeSUS Party with the support of 5.4% (6.4% in June), and NSi Party, chosen by 5.2% of the respondents.

The largest part of the respondents however remains undecided, namely 23.4% (26.8% in June), and while 17.8% (13.9% in June) would not participate in the elections.

Almost two thirds dissatisfied with the government
30% of the respondents considers the work of the government successful (33% in June), while almost two thirds of the respondents consider it as unsuccessful – 64.3% (62.5% in June).

Pahor the most popular politician
The President of the Republic Borut Pahor remains the most popular politician in Slovenia, with the European Commissioner Violeta Bulc and the Member of the European Parliament Tanja Fajon who took the second and the third place. The fourth is taken by President of the National Assembly Milan Brglez, and the head of the SD Party Dejan Židan is the fifth most popular politician.

The Vox populi Poll was made by the Ninamedia agency for Televizija Slovenija and Dnevnik newspaper between July 11and 13, with participation of 700 respondents.

G. C., Translated by G. K.

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