The Game: Fortress of Europe

Ker želimo, da dokumentarno zgodbo spozna tudi mednarodna javnost, objavljamo še angleško različico. (Orig.: Dosje: Igra - pred obzidjem Evrope) For the cameraman and me, it's a mere 3-hour drive from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Bihać in Bosnia and Hercegovina. For the migrants who set out from Bihać through the woods towards Ljubljana and the EU, it's a 10-to-15-day walk. Worse still, some never reach their destination, it's a round trip. Many attempt the journey over and over - for years. Migrants have found their refuge among the ruins of Bihać, the skeletons of a world past. They live in their own parallel world and play The Game. The prize: a promised land in the European Union. The price is high: some lose their health, youth, family savings, some even their lives. But it's hope they are most afraid to lose. What else is there for a migrant far from home if he loses hope? Everyone is waiting to cross the border. But for these young people, the road to freedom and a better future is fraught with obstacles and deadly traps. So, they call it The Game. It's a hazardous game. And it never stops.