May 20th 2002


Marlenna, Daphne, Emperatrizz and the Slovene delegation are already on the way to Tallinn.
In the week before the final concert of the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 (May 25 at 21.00) Sestre will have lots of promotional activities, performances and interviews.
And on May 25th we will all keep the fingers crossed. Good luck, Sestre!


This pop music group of transvestites has been active on the Slovene media scene for over two years. The members of the trio are: Daphne, a 27-year-old student of agronomy, also dancing for the Ljubljana Dance Theatre; Emperatrizz, a 22-year-old make-up artist and visagist, holder of the honourable title of the second runner-up at the European Miss Transvestite 1997 pageant; Marlena, a 22-year-old work therapy graduate from the medical college, also studying singing with Diego Barrios Ross. They started their career together as the "�trumpant'l Sisters" (The Suspender Sisters) and appeared successfully at various festivals and in TV shows. In 2002 they entered Emma 2002, the national contest preceding the Eurovision Song Contest. Together with the members of the Pe�ut family they created the song entitled "Samo ljubezen" (Only Love), designing the concept of their appearance and changing the name of the group which now radiates warmth, love and - of course - a funny undertone. Their visual appearance at the national contest was co-designed by Uro� Belanti� (Studio Oktober) and Meta Podkraj�ek.
At the Eurovision Song Contest 2002, the trio is representing SLOVENIA, a land of music and good people, the only country with LOVE in its name.

April 29th 2002

The premiere of the video clip of the Slovene entry Samo ljubezen will be in the show Videospotnice on May 1st at 19.30 (2. programme, TV Slovenia). Director of the video clip is Sa�a Hes.

You can watch the preview presentation of all entries to the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in two shows (2. programme of TV Slovenia at 20.00) on May 16th and May 23rd. The host of both shows will be Miha �alehar.

Nu�a Derenda
Photographer: Marcandrea

TV Slovenia is preparing another show just before the live broadcast of the ESC 2002 from Tallinn. Nu�a Derenda will host the show and together we will remember all the Slovene songs in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Nu�a Derenda will also be the spokesperson of TV Slovenia announcing the points of Slovene vote during the show on May 25th. The system of voting in Slovenia will be: 50% televoting, 50% jury.

March 15th 2002

The group Sestre (Sisters: Marlenna, Daphne and Emperatrizz) will perform in Slovene at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002. They will be supported by Jadranka Juras, An�e Langus and Mate Brodar as their backing vocalists.

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An�e Langus, Daphne, Jadranka Juras, Marlenna, Mate Brodar, Emperatrizz
Photographer: Fulvio Grisoni


(Robert Pe�ut/ Barbara Pe�ut/ Aleksander Pe�ut)

Srce veliko kakor svet
Nasmeh in iskrica v o�eh
In beseda, ki pozna� jo tudi ti.

V �ivljenju mnogo je poti
Ne i��i sre�e kjer je ni
Le poslu�aj kar srce ti govori.

Lahko ti podarim samo ljubezen
Eno in edino upanje
Poglej me v o�i in lahko si brez skrbi
Vem, da isto �uti� tudi ti
(saj jo v srcu �uti� tudi ti)

Kar �eli� si to ni greh
To je ljubezen v o�eh

Pozna� me bolj kot se ti zdi
�eprav zatiska� si o�i
Ko me gleda�, vidi� to kar si.

Dolgo �asa si iskal
Kar si mislil, da je prav
A na koncu le eno bo� izbral

Lahko ti podarim samo ljubezen
Eno in edino upanje
Poglej me v o�i in lahko si brez skrbi
Vem, da isto �uti� tudi ti
(saj jo v srcu �uti� tudi ti)

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