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News in English Dončić: With LeBron? Maybe someday, we’ll see

Luka Dončić needed only one more rebound on Thursday night to become the youngest player in the history of NBA League with a triple-double.

Slovenia Revealed A Villa among the Vineyards

The Brda region, known for its orchards and its vineyard-covered hills, has recently emerged as one of Slovenia’s leading tourist attractions.

Slovenia in Numbers Economic sentiment improved at the end of 2018

In December 2018 economic sentiment improved by 1.0 percentage point over the previous month. It is 12.3 percentage points above the long-term average. More about the economic sentiment in 2018 follows.

Slovenia Revealed The Cave That Became a Shelter

Some of the worst fighting of World War I took place in the Slovenian Lands as troops vied for supremacy in the mountainous terrain that separates Central Europe from the Adriatic.

Slovenia in Numbers Consumer sentiment is improving at the end of the year

After a notable decrease in the middle of 2018, the consumer sentiment increased for the third consecutive month. It increased by 2 percentage points compared to the previous month and it is 16 percentage points above the long-term average.

Slovenia Revealed An Overlooked Artist

Helena Vurnik, an exceptionally talented designer, was long overshadowed by her husband. But decades after her death, she is finally becoming recognized as an exceptional artist in her own right.

News in English Janez Bratovž: I don’t want my neighbor’s soup to taste the same as mine

Janez Bratovž, one of Slovenia’s top chefs, has released a new cookbook after more than a decade.

News in English Children already speak Slovenian, and then the family gets deported

Slovenia is only a transit country for most migrants living at the Ljubljana Asylum Home, however, some families want to stay here.

Slovenia Revealed A Wartime Rail Link

Idrija, a historic mining town in western Slovenia, feels remote from the rest of the country; these days, only a winding road connects it to the capital.

News in English Roglič's main goal – to wear the pink jersey on Giro

Primož Roglič’s priorities in the new season have long been the subject of speculation. His team put a stop to speculation today, by announcing that Rogla will go for victory on the Tour of Italy.

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