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News in English Ilka Štuhec: I am happy. The way back was very long.

'I don’t know what to say. I’m happy. The way back was very long. The season started quite well.

News in English Šarec: If I want to change things, staffing changes are necessary.

"When I entered the election, I said our party was entering the race in order to bring changes," said PM Marjan Šarec on TV Slovenija, responding to a question about staffing changes in the army, ...

Slovenia Revealed A Slovenian-Born Photographer of Bohemian Berlin

A Slovenian-born photographer became one of the foremost chroniclers of Berlin in the early 20th century.

News in English In addition to skiing, Maribor offers many types of wintertime recreation

Because of favorable weather conditions, more and more ski slopes are opening every day at the Maribor Pohorje ski resort after the official launch of the winter ski season.

News in English 2.9 million euros set aside for Walk of Peace upgrades

In 2007, six open-air museums devoted to the heritage of World War I were joined to create the Walk of Peace, which was extended to Trieste in 2015.

News in English The government guarantees social peace, however, the future is less promising

Negotiations with the public sector, the rise of the minimum wage and the amending budget are just some of the topics which marked the first three months of the government.

Slovenia Revealed A Drink with a Difference

The hilly region of Brkini, not far from the Adriatic Sea, is a place where Mediterranean influences give way to the much harsher climate of inland Slovenia.

News in English EU to fund internet hotspots in 89 Slovenian municipalities

The European Commission recently announced the results of the first WiFi4EU call for proposals. A total of 89 Slovenian municipalities were selected to receive a WiFi4EU voucher worth €15,000.

News in English Festive culinary on Ljubljana's streets remains quite average

The year is almost over, the festive stalls are again adorning the Ljubljanica riverbank, but the offer remains within the boundaries of the already seen classics, without anything above the average.

News in English German TV host climbs onto Europe's tallest chimney and irons a shirt

Because of its height, Trbovlje's chimney often attracts attention and fires the imagination of adrenaline enthusiasts.

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