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News in English Slavko Bobovnik is retiring: 40 years of 'drilling' and moustaches

In the 40 years of his journalistic career, Slavko Bobovnik was most uncomfortable in the presence of masters of the spoken word.

News in English Kek: Oblak will happily accept the call

The Slovenian Football Association (NZS) organized its traditional New Year Gala Event.

News in English Name of the year: Primož Velikonja

Primož Velikonja has become Name of the Year of Val 202. Velikonja is the initiator and head of a campaign through which a team of paramedics has been giving free first aid training twice a month at ...

Slovenia Revealed The Mysterious Life of Magdalena Gornik

At a time when interest in the supernatural was sweeping the world, Magdalena Gornik became a sensation in Slovenia because of her supernatural experiences.

News in English Slovenia's best athletes of 2018: 19-year-old Luka Dončić and Janja Garnbret

Basketball player Luka Dončić, sport climber Janja Garnbret and sailing team Tina Mrak-Veronika Macarol are Slovenia's best athletes of 2018.

News in English Transportation companies do not want to give up “unpaid work hours” for bus drivers

After a year of negotiations with employers for a new collective bargaining agreement, the unions representing bus drivers have found themselves in a deadlock.

Slovenia Revealed Untamed Nature on the Capital’s Doorstep

Just a few kilometers from the heart of Slovenia’s capital, visitors can find a landscape of seemingly unspoiled nature – a water-rich sanctuary for birds, butterflies, deer, and other wildlife.

Slovenia Revealed An Artist Who Captured the Light

In many ways, Jurij Šubic was destined to become an artist. Both his father and his older brother were painters, and the Šubic family was well-known across Slovenia for its creative streak.

News in English Matjaž Krivic among the best travel photographers in the world

The winning photographs from the Travel Photographer of the Year competition will be exhibited in spring in London. Among the photographs will also be those made by Matjaž Krivic.

News in English After success in fighting sugar in beverages, the fight now turns to salt in bread

In only three years the Commitment to responsibility campaign has achieved that numerous new non-alcoholic drinks and dairy products contain less sugar, which means that their energy value has ...

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