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5 May

On this day 5 May

In 1818 in Trier German philosopher and politician Karl Marx is born. Together, he and Friedrich Engels conceived Marxism.

3. maj 2018

4 May

On this day 4 May

In 1874 the Slovenian poet Cveto Golar is born. His favourite theme praised the natural beauty of his home land.

3. maj 2018

2 May

On this day 2 May

In 1519 Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci dies. His best known work is a portrait of Mona Lisa. In 1536 the English Queen Anne Boleyn is thrown into the Tower.

1. maj 2018

3 May

On this day 3 May

In 1496, the Italian historian Niccolo Machiavelli is born. He wrote the comedy La Mandragola, for which there was renewed interest in the 20th century.

1. maj 2018

1 May

On this day 1 May

In 1493 the Swiss physician, chemist and philosopher Paracelsus is born. He recognised the chemical and physical foundations of the living world, which he tried to use the medicine.

25. april 2018

30 April

On this day 30 April

In 1789, George Washington is proclaimed the first U. S. president. In 1883, the Czech satirist and writer Jaroslav Hašek is born. He is best known for his novel The Good Soldier Švejk. I

25. april 2018

29 April

On this day 29 April

In 1429 Joan of Arc led Orleans, France, to victory over Britain. In 1813 rubber was patented by J. F. Hummel.

25. april 2018

28 April

On this day 28 April

In 1789 the famous mutiny on the ship Bounty takes place. The mutineers set the captain afloat in a small boat with eighteen of the twenty-two crew loyal to him.

25. april 2018

27 April

On this day 27 April

In 1791 the American inventor Samuel Morse is born. He contributed to the invention of the single-wire telegraph system and was a co-inventor of the Morse code.

25. april 2018

26 April

On this day 26 April

In 121 AD Roman Emperor Markus Aurelius is born. For Slovenian history it is particularly important that the land between Trojana and Hrušica as well as Emona were annexed to his tenth region.

23. april 2018

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