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12 July

On this day 12 July

In 1536, in Basel the Dutch humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam dies. In 1863, in Nice the French bacteriologist Albert Calmette is born.

9. julij 2018

11 July

On this day 11 July

In 1451 Barbara Cilli, the daughter of Herman II, Count of Celje, dies.

8. julij 2018

10 July

On this day 10 July

In 1407, the final act in the foundation of the medieval Carthusian monastery Pleterje is represented by the foundation charter of Count Herman II. of Celje.

8. julij 2018

9 July

On this day 9 July

In 1762 Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great, is proclaimed Empress of Russia. She was the most renowned and the longest-ruling female leader of Russia.

5. julij 2018

8 July

On this day 8 July

In 793, occurs the first recorded attack by Vikings, who pillaged the English island of Lindisfarne. In 1838, in Constance Count Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich von Zeppelin is born.

5. julij 2018

6 July

On this day 6 July

In 1415, the Czech reformer Jan Hus is burned at the stake. He was rector of the University of Prague, who spread criticism about ecclesiastical conditions.

5. julij 2018

7 July

On this day 7 July

In 1153, in the Cistercian monastery in Stična began regular monastic life. The Sticna monastery was founded by the Aquileia abbot Peregrin, but it was disbanded in 1784.

5. julij 2018

5 July

On this day 5 July

In 1843 in Ljubljana the Agricultural and Handicraft News begins to be published. The editor is Janez Bleiweis. In 1865 the first numeric speed limit was created in the UK.

2. julij 2018

4 July

On this day 4 July

In 1546 Bishop of Trieste Peter Bonomo, who under the influence of Erasmus of Rotterdam became a follower of reformatory movement, dies.

2. julij 2018

3 July

On this day 3 July

In 1751, the Italian Baroque painter Giulio Quaglio dies. His most highly valued work is the painting of the Saint Nicholas' Cathedral in Ljubljana.

2. julij 2018

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