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News in English News in English stops operating

Content on this website will no longer be updated from January 1 2019.

News in English Slovenian Environmental Agency reports that there are high levels of PM10 particles in the air

The air quality usually gets worse at the end of the year, which is a result of numerous fireworks.

Slovenia Revealed In 1968, Slovenian television broadcast the main evening news in the Slovenian language for the first time

When Slovenian television viewers turned on their TV sets to watch the main evening news on April 15, 1968, they noticed something very different. For the first time ever, the news was in Slovenian.

Slovenia in Numbers More people have birthday on 1 January than on any other day

More people have birthday on 1 January than on any other day. The second highest number of children was born on 1 October.

News in English Hiking - Favourite sport of Slovenians

Every true hiker will tell you that real life only begins when the boots are laced up, the backpack is on, the house door is locked and only mountains lie ahead.

Slovenia in Numbers In November a third of all overnight stays in health (spa) resorts

Almost 283,000 tourist arrivals and more than 755,000 tourist overnight stays were recorded in November 2018. Foreign tourists generated 63% of all tourist overnight stays.

News in English Will the new members of 2TDK management accelerate the 2nd rail track project?

The management team of the second rail track project has been joined by new members – Dušan Zorko and Marko Brezigar, who will try to accelerate the project.

News in English Ljubljana emergency medical service received more than 900 speeding tickets this year

No only fast drivers, stationary radars of the Ljubljana Municipal Police Department are chasing emergency medical service team on an urgent assignment.

Slovenia Revealed A Drink from the Karst Plateau

The windswept Karst Plateau is known for its stark beauty, but for the people who live there, the environment, with its hot summers and bitterly cold winter, is often unforgiving; even fresh water can be in short supply.

News in English Hrovat to skip Semmering race

Slovenian skier Meta Hrovat will not compete in the last two World Cup races of this calendar year, the giant slalom and the slalom in Semmering, Austria.

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