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1 August

On this day 1 August

In 1714 in Kensington Queen Anne Stuart dies. During her reign England and Scotland were united. In 1774 , the French naturalist, knight Jean Baptiste de Monet Lamarck is born.

1. avgust 2018

22 July

On this day 22 July

In 1899, the American writer Ernest Hemingway is born. He was a major representative of the so-called lost generation between the wars. In 1961 he committed suicide.

16. julij 2018

20 July

On this day 20 July

In 1923, in Trbovlje a general mining strike begins. 9,400 miners demanded an increase in wages.

16. julij 2018

19 July

On this day 19 July

In 1374, the Italian Renaissance poet and the first Italian humanist, Francesco Petrarca dies. With his style he strongly influenced later poets, including Slovenia's France Prešeren.

16. julij 2018

18 July

On this day 18 July

In 1811 the English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray is born. He was famous for his satirical works, particularly Vanity Fair. In 1817, the English novelist Jane Austen dies.

11. julij 2018

17 July

On this day 17 July

In 1674, the English Christian hymnwriter Isaac Watts is born. In 1918, Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia is executed with her family.

11. julij 2018

16 July

On this day 16 July

In 1880, Emily Howard Stowe is the first woman in Canada to receive a license to practice medicine. In 1911, the famous dancer Ginger Rogers is born. She worked a great deal with Fred Astaire.

9. julij 2018

15 July

On this day 15 July

In 1606, the Dutch painter and graphic artist Rembrandt, the most prominent representative of the Baroque, is born.

9. julij 2018

14 July

On this day 14 July

In 1223, Louis VIII. Is crowned King of France. In 1789, in an attack by the population of Paris on the notorious prison and fortress Bastille the French bourgeois revolution begins.

9. julij 2018

13 July

On this day 13 July

In 100 BC the Roman general Gaius Julius Caesar is born. In 1841, the Austrian architect, urbanist and educator Otto Wagner is born.

9. julij 2018

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