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Slovenia Revealed In 1968, Slovenian television broadcast the main evening news in the Slovenian language for the first time

When Slovenian television viewers turned on their TV sets to watch the main evening news on April 15, 1968, they noticed something very different. For the first time ever, the news was in Slovenian.

Slovenia Revealed A Drink from the Karst Plateau

The windswept Karst Plateau is known for its stark beauty, but for the people who live there, the environment, with its hot summers and bitterly cold winter, is often unforgiving; even fresh water can be in short supply.

Slovenia Revealed A Villa among the Vineyards

The Brda region, known for its orchards and its vineyard-covered hills, has recently emerged as one of Slovenia’s leading tourist attractions.

Slovenia Revealed The Cave That Became a Shelter

Some of the worst fighting of World War I took place in the Slovenian Lands as troops vied for supremacy in the mountainous terrain that separates Central Europe from the Adriatic.

Slovenia Revealed An Overlooked Artist

Helena Vurnik, an exceptionally talented designer, was long overshadowed by her husband. But decades after her death, she is finally becoming recognized as an exceptional artist in her own right.

Slovenia Revealed A Wartime Rail Link

Idrija, a historic mining town in western Slovenia, feels remote from the rest of the country; these days, only a winding road connects it to the capital.

Slovenia Revealed The Mysterious Life of Magdalena Gornik

At a time when interest in the supernatural was sweeping the world, Magdalena Gornik became a sensation in Slovenia because of her supernatural experiences.

Slovenia Revealed Untamed Nature on the Capital’s Doorstep

Just a few kilometers from the heart of Slovenia’s capital, visitors can find a landscape of seemingly unspoiled nature – a water-rich sanctuary for birds, butterflies, deer, and other wildlife.

Slovenia Revealed An Artist Who Captured the Light

In many ways, Jurij Šubic was destined to become an artist. Both his father and his older brother were painters, and the Šubic family was well-known across Slovenia for its creative streak.

Slovenia Revealed A Slovenian-Born Photographer of Bohemian Berlin

A Slovenian-born photographer became one of the foremost chroniclers of Berlin in the early 20th century.

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