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News in English Šarec: If I want to change things, staffing changes are necessary.

"When I entered the election, I said our party was entering the race in order to bring changes," said PM Marjan Šarec on TV Slovenija, responding to a question about staffing changes in the army, ...

Ocenjujemo Filmska recenzija: Sodnica

Sodnica se v drugi polovici iz moralizirajoče pridige o etičnih vprašanjih na zanimiv način prelevi v rahlo srhljivo dramo o zalezovanju, ki se bolj ukvarja z notranjim razkolom protagonistke kot pa ...

News in English An abundance of wild mushrooms, but even more uninformed pickers

This year’s excellent wild mushroom season has attracted many recreational mushroom pickers to Slovenia’s forests. But some of them fail to heed the rules of acceptable behavior in the woods.

News in English The solution for children with heart diseases?

After some difficulties in recruiting surgeons for paediatric cardiology and extremely serious circumstances arising after last week's resignation of three cardiologists, the competent were obliged ...

News in English How much did the state save with its cuts to the Fiscal Balance Act?

Those with incomes up to 1.019 euros per family member, that means those in the 7th and 8th income brackets, will be eligible for child benefits next year.

News in English Police unions dissatisfied with parliamentary solutions for police-owned official housing

A few days ago the parliamentary committee almost unanimously endorsed SDS's amendments to the act on police work, which allows police officers and war veterans to stay in police-owned housing ...

News in English Constitutional lawyers: “A morally reprehensible move to change the constitution”

Three Slovenian constitutional lawyers -- Matej Avbelj, Andraž Teršek, and Jurij Toplak – oppose the proposed change to the constitution regarding the funding of elementary schools.

News in English Shorter workday: measure for young families, but “small print” reveals government’s saving curb

Young parents find it harder and harder to balance family life and work, which is why many resort to claiming the right to a shortened workday.

News in English Marko or Jihad? Špela or Nutella? What kind of names can Slovenians give their children?

In France a judge has banned the name Jihad, in Germany a Turkish pair was not allowed to name their child Osama bin Laden, and you won't find any Mona Lisa's in Portugal.

News in English Man Brings a 250 Kilogram WW II American Bomb into his Courtyard

A local resident found an unexploded World War II American bomb at Vurberk Castle in the Duplek municipality on Wednesday.

News in English Vaccination gaps: It’s legally possible to prosecute parents, but doctors are sceptical of such measures

Herd immunity starts to break down when the vaccination rate falls below 95%, and the recent drop in vaccination rates has given the medical community cause for concern.

News in English Pride Parade to shed light on invisible communities this year

The annual 'Parada ponosa' festival has opened its 9-day series of events in the Slovenian capital, with the final parade taking place on 17 June.

News in English Use of medical marijuana only on paper in Slovenia

Slovenia allowed the use of cannabis for medical purposes in March. However, it still cannot be obtained at Slovenia’s pharmacies. If they can afford it, patients purchase the drugs in Austria.

News in English Audience responded well to Vienna Boys Choir return to Ljubljana

The last time Vienna Boys Choir performed in Ljubljana they appeared as guests at the Helena Blagne big concert at Stožice. This time the roles were exchanged.

Slovenia in Numbers In the past decade on average 245 titles of original Slovene poetry were issued annually in Slovenia

UNESCO proclaimed 21 March as World Poetry Day in 1999 to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.

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