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News in English Changes to the Marriage Act confirmed, homosexual couples can now marry

With 51 votes for and 28 against, Slovenia's MPs have confirmed the amendments to the Marriage and Family Relations Act. It now equalizes the rights of homosexual and heterosexual couples.

News in English The Children are at Stake coalition says it has enough signatures and will stop collecting them

The Children are at Stake coalition will stop collecting signatures for a referendum on the changes to the Marriage and Family Relations Act, confirms Metka Zevnik.

News in English New law announced by It's about Children! coalition. Primc to enter politics

After their success at the referendum, the leader of It's About Children!

News in English Primc: I expect a mass support of children rights at the referendum

"We have already had a referendum on the same topic, and we believe that people will respond again, and reject the disputable law," Aleš Primc said when bringing the signatures supporting the ...

News in English Fate of gay marriage referendum in the hands of MPs

ZL, DeSUS, ZaAB and SD MPs today filed a request to halt a possible referendum on the changes to the Marriage and Family Relations Act.

News in English The integration of immigrant children into the Slovenian education system

While we cannot speak of the education system in Slovenia as multicultural, in the last few years in our country some foundations have been laid for its development, particularly from 2007 on, with ...

News in English 2,000 student protesters: “The act should be sacked!”

Demonstrations against the new act on higher education (Zvis) took place in Ljubljana on Wednesday. The police had to prevent a small group of protesters from entering the premises of the ministry ...

News in English Constitutional lawyers: “A morally reprehensible move to change the constitution”

Three Slovenian constitutional lawyers -- Matej Avbelj, Andraž Teršek, and Jurij Toplak – oppose the proposed change to the constitution regarding the funding of elementary schools.

News in English New Marriage and Family Relations Act: Courts warn of a lack of court experts

The proposed Marriage and Family Relations Act gives more power to courts in procedures involving putting children into foster care or placing them under guardianship.

Slovenia in Numbers In the past decade on average 245 titles of original Slovene poetry were issued annually in Slovenia

UNESCO proclaimed 21 March as World Poetry Day in 1999 to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.

News in English Karel Gržan: Humankind cannot exist as a herd. Individuals are the basic capital of the humankind.

" It is my belief that people are closer to each other than one would imagine. When you reach deep into a person, only one thing can be found. As wise men from the past would say, a deep connection ...

News in English How much did the state save with its cuts to the Fiscal Balance Act?

Those with incomes up to 1.019 euros per family member, that means those in the 7th and 8th income brackets, will be eligible for child benefits next year.

News in English Marko or Jihad? Špela or Nutella? What kind of names can Slovenians give their children?

In France a judge has banned the name Jihad, in Germany a Turkish pair was not allowed to name their child Osama bin Laden, and you won't find any Mona Lisa's in Portugal.

News in English More children eligible for free lunch

The changes within the Exercise of Rights to Public Funds Act become effective, expanding the eligibility for free lunch also to children from families categorized into the second and the third ...

News in English The solution for children with heart diseases?

After some difficulties in recruiting surgeons for paediatric cardiology and extremely serious circumstances arising after last week's resignation of three cardiologists, the competent were obliged ...

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