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News in English 200 years of public music schools in Slovenia

Slovenians have always associated themselves with music and valued it very highly, and so as times changed it remained an important factor that brought people together.

News in English New Marriage and Family Relations Act: Courts warn of a lack of court experts

The proposed Marriage and Family Relations Act gives more power to courts in procedures involving putting children into foster care or placing them under guardianship.

News in English More children eligible for free lunch

The changes within the Exercise of Rights to Public Funds Act become effective, expanding the eligibility for free lunch also to children from families categorized into the second and the third ...

News in English Shila, a 12-year-old refugee girl living in Logatec, can already share holiday greetings in Slovenian

Some refugee children have adapted surprisingly quickly to their new surroundings and the Slovenian school system.

News in English Evictions and penalties for false and bothersome beggars

In the last five years the Slovenian courts have evicted 20 foreign citizens of Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia for aggressive or intrusive begging, or misleading raising of money for humanitarian ...

News in English The integration of immigrant children into the Slovenian education system

While we cannot speak of the education system in Slovenia as multicultural, in the last few years in our country some foundations have been laid for its development, particularly from 2007 on, with ...

News in English Education since independence

In the 25 years of Slovenia’s independence, the country’s education system has moved dynamically up a steep path.

News in English In future, courts will decide on adoptions and fostering

The new proposal of the family law does not regulate same-sex partnerships, and prohibition of corporal punishment of children, which were two of the most disputed chapters of the previous version.

Slovenia Revealed An Entertainer, a Poet, and a Satirist

Frane Milčinski, popularly known as "Ježek", was not just a popular comedian who entertained the masses; he was also a talented satirist who needled the authorities and pushed the boundaries of what ...

News in English Primc: Introducing a non-registered same-sex partnership

The proposal of the act regulating the situation of same-sex partnerships is based on the research performed by the Peace Institute.

News in English New law announced by It's about Children! coalition. Primc to enter politics

After their success at the referendum, the leader of It's About Children!

News in English Overambitious parents can ruin a sports career

"We have become obsessed with the results of our children," Brigita Bukovec warns all parents who are too much involved in their child’s trainings.

News in English Marriage equality referendum to be held on December 20

The referendum on the Marriage and Family Relations Act will be held on December 20, the National Assembly decided on Wednesday.

News in English The Children are at Stake coalition says it has enough signatures and will stop collecting them

The Children are at Stake coalition will stop collecting signatures for a referendum on the changes to the Marriage and Family Relations Act, confirms Metka Zevnik.

News in English “Slovenia has great potential with its golf courses and in teaching golf”

In mere seven days, visitors can see the most beautiful corners of Slovenia and play golf at a different location every day.

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