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Beremo Ian McEwan: V imenu otroka

Tema za roman, ki se zdi spisan na kožo zdaj že pregovorno neučinkovitega slovenskega sodnega sistema, je Iana McEwana, enega najbolj znanih sodobnih angleških piscev, navdihnila pred leti, ko je ...

News in English Constitutional Court to decide on referendum on marriage

The Constitutional Court will decide on the complaint filed by the It's about Children!

News in English Health Minister: Strike is legitimate, but unjustified

Doctors and dentists are on a day-long strike, demanding higher salaries and change of standards. The Health Minister claims the strike is legitimate, but unjustified.

News in English Fate of gay marriage referendum in the hands of MPs

ZL, DeSUS, ZaAB and SD MPs today filed a request to halt a possible referendum on the changes to the Marriage and Family Relations Act.

News in English Primc: I expect a mass support of children rights at the referendum

"We have already had a referendum on the same topic, and we believe that people will respond again, and reject the disputable law," Aleš Primc said when bringing the signatures supporting the ...

News in English Changes to the Marriage Act confirmed, homosexual couples can now marry

With 51 votes for and 28 against, Slovenia's MPs have confirmed the amendments to the Marriage and Family Relations Act. It now equalizes the rights of homosexual and heterosexual couples.

News in English Will MPs equalize the rights of homosexual and heterosexual couples?

Marriage is a union between two people. It is no longer only a union between a man and a woman. That's the essence of the amendments to the Marriage and Family Relations Act.

News in English 40 days of renunciation. The list includes everything – from alcohol to television.

With Ash Wednesday the Catholic Church marks the beginning of the 40-day fasting period preceding Easter. Everyone does not decide to fast just because of religious purposes.

News in English Karel Gržan: Humankind cannot exist as a herd. Individuals are the basic capital of the humankind.

" It is my belief that people are closer to each other than one would imagine. When you reach deep into a person, only one thing can be found. As wise men from the past would say, a deep connection ...

News in English "The stroke was a gift which pulled me away from the average"

"I suffered a stroke when I was 30, while giving birth to my second child. My recovery was long and difficult, but today I live my life to the fullest," Lara Slivnik remembers what happened 15 years ...

News in English Paramedics need a couple of minutes. Are we capable to help, and do we dare?

"In Slovenia first aid is not taught systematically, and the existing knowledge is never refreshed," was one of the biggest reproaches directed to the existing attitude towards first aid.

Slovenia Revealed A town straight from the Old West once existed in Slovenia

It looked like real town from the Old West – complete with boardwalks, businesses, and even a saloon. But it wasn’t Tombstone or Dodge City – but rather the outskirts of Ljubljana.

News in English "There are 400,000 victims of child sexual abuse in Slovenia"

The best cure for the sexually abused is to talk about it, says Matthew McVarish, Scottish actor and European ambassador of the Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse Organisation.

News in English Ombudsman's annual report

In her comprehensive report the ombudsman establishes that the state is not always in the service of people, and invites all the state authorities to unconditionally respect human rights.

News in English Ana Bulat, master chef for delicious dishes and settings: I like people who like to cook

Vintage style for homeliness Her photographs exude the warmth of a home; she abides by the rustic vintage style.

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