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News in English Pediatric Clinic Ljubljana is gradually withdrawing sugary drinks from vending machines

The Pediatric Clinic is gradually withdrawing drinks with added sugar from the vending machines, thus complying with the decision of the expert council of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

News in English Slovenian MEPs divided on abortion, united on maternity

The votes of the Slovenian members of the European parliament were positive when voting on the general principles of gender equality and women's rights, but where the actual rights of women were ...

News in English 2,000 student protesters: “The act should be sacked!”

Demonstrations against the new act on higher education (Zvis) took place in Ljubljana on Wednesday. The police had to prevent a small group of protesters from entering the premises of the ministry ...

News in English Male healthcare workers earn 26.5% more than women

There’s still a gender gap in salaries in Slovenia – starting with determining basic salaries, the pay grade classification and bonuses, an empirical study carried out by the Association of Free ...

News in English Danilo Benedičič: My best memories are linked with birth of my descendants

“I don't use it, as I don't want it to occupy my time. I know it would reduce the time dedicated to reading books, and I love to read whenever possible,” Danilo Benedičič, the legendary actor who in ...

News in English "Your grandfathers helped us build our industrial miracle"

From being one the poorest countries at the start of the 20th century, Sweden has developed into an exemplary modern welfare state. The country also managed to exit the crisis quickly. Talking to ...

News in English »The Brussels report confirms we are heading in the right direction«

Alenka Bratušek, Igor Lukšič and Gregor Virant, the presidents of the coalition parties, are very satisfied with positive reactions from Brussels on confirmation of the budget.

News in English A kinder welfare legislation for single - parent and bigger families

"We concentrated our limited financial resources to families," is how Minister Anja Kopač Mrak presented the adopted changes to welfare legislation, aimed to help the

News in English In a foreign country you are, and will always remain a foreigner

I've been sending futile applications for jobs for a year and a half, and when I finally get invited for an interview, they ask me if I can obtain a student's referral for work! I am 33 years old, ...

Knjige Britanski otroci so izbrali

V Veliki Britaniji so razglasili najboljša književna dela za otroke in mladino, ki so jih izbrali izključno mladi bralci.

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