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Timeless Prince!

Danes posvečamo Timeless leta 2016 preminulemu na današnji dan leta 1958 rojenemu umetniku, Prince-u.

Slovenia Revealed An Artist Who Captured the Light

In many ways, Jurij Šubic was destined to become an artist. Both his father and his older brother were painters, and the Šubic family was well-known across Slovenia for its creative streak.

Slovenia Revealed An Artist Who Forever Remained a Rebel

Throughout his life, Hinko Smrekar was determined to challenge the status quo. He used the medium of illustration to mock those in authority and to point out social injustices.

Slovenia Revealed An Artist of the Resistance

Few artists in Slovenia are as well known as France Slana. He became a household name with his pleasing oils and watercolors of Slovenian landscapes.

Slovenia Revealed An Overlooked Artist

Helena Vurnik, an exceptionally talented designer, was long overshadowed by her husband. But decades after her death, she is finally becoming recognized as an exceptional artist in her own right.

Slovenia Revealed The Slovenian Artist Who Captured the New World

Before the advent of the jet age, the United States and Europe sometimes seemed to be on different planets.

Slovenia Revealed The Tragic Life of a Master Painter

Despite a difficult childhood, Ivan Grohar became one of the most accomplished Slovenian artists - yet he died in great poverty and without the recognition that his art deserved.