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News Survey shows violence in schools

A survey showed that 89% of school children encounter verbal or physical violence in schools. The survey involved nearly 5000 students from 70 primary schools.

News Slovenes enthusiastic supporters of the euro

A new survey shows that Slovenes are the strongest supporters of the euro in the entire EU. The survey showed that as many as 88% were in favour of it. In Germany it was around 81%.

News Slovenes getting wealthier, happier

Slovenes are getting wealthier and happier according to the statistics office. Last year saw an increase in wealth and in the number of people saying they were happy.

Slovenia in Numbers Consumer sentiment is improving at the end of the year

After a notable decrease in the middle of 2018, the consumer sentiment increased for the third consecutive month. It increased by 2 percentage points compared to the previous month and it is 16 percentage points above the long-term average.

News Slovenians ranking 6th among users of e-health services

A survey of the European commission on digital economy and society showed that Slovenia ranks 6th among EU countries at the use of e-health services.

News Digital users more active on computers

The agency for digital advertising IPOM has released the resultas of a survey carried out among users of digital technology in Slovenia.

News in English Survey by Mediana: SDS remains in convincing leadership

In the third survey prepared by the Mediana Institute for RTV Slovenia, there are no changes in the first three places. If the elections were tomorrow, the SDS party would get the most votes.