Triglav Ship nearing end of mission Foto: BoBo
Triglav Ship nearing end of mission Foto: BoBo

"So far we have mainly practiced, and this is our first real assignment," the ship’s captain, Andrej Pečar, said. "It’s not a combat mission but a humanitarian one, and as important as any other."
The goal of Operation Mare Nostrum is to intercept, protect and control refugees in the Mediterranean. The mission began on December 15 and is expected to end on January 31.
The Triglav is based in the west of Sicily. In its initial phase, Italian colleagues assessed the ship and gave some suggestions on what could be fixed. The ship then began its mission.
Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek and Defence Minister Roman Jakič visited the ship today.
Members of the Slovenian Navy have so far conducted five inspections in the two sectors to the west of Sicily. This area covers an area that measures 30x30 nautical miles. The ship spent some 350 hours at sea.
The Slovenian Navy said it was proud of the work being done and that it demonstrated their ability to perform the most demanding tasks. The Slovenian contingent consists of 39 members. In addition to the crew of the ship, there are also a member of the military police and members of the medical care and a national support element, taking care of logistical support.