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Spotlight • oddaje

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Eat Out to Help Out

Eat Out to Help Out is a UK government scheme providing subsidies to help restaurants and pubs hit by the coronavirus crisis. Throughout August every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, people in the UK can enjoy a full meal for half the price! Photo: Reuters


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Drago Jančar receives Austrian state prize for literature

Writer Drago Jančar received the Austrian State Prize for European Literature this week.


Spotlight Spotlight - Jazz Kamp Kranj 2020

Spotlight - Jazz Kamp Kranj 2020


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, July 27: The Open Air Cinema Minoriti in Maribor

The coronavirus has left its mark on festivals around the world. How is the Open Air Cinema Minoriti in Maribor dealing with them and what movies does it offer visitors this year? Find out above.


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 22 July: Only 6% of tourism vouchers cashed-in in Slovenia so far

In the first month, around 130,000 Slovenian residents have cashed in their tourism vouchers, worth EUR 20 million. Most were spent in five places. TUNE IN to hear more! photo by MMC RTV SLO/Kaja Sajovic


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - UK bans Huawei from its 5G network

The UK decided to ban China's Huawei from its 5G networks. The UK decided last week not to allow its mobile operators to buy new Huawei 5G equipment, and to remove all of Huawei's 5G equipment from their networks by the year 2027. It follows sanctions imposed by the US, which claims the Chinese firm poses a national security threat. Photo: EPA


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Changes coming to RTV SLO?

The Culture Ministry proposes extensive changes to the act on RTV Slovenija and changes to the STA Slovenian Press Agency. The changes include cuts in RTV Slovenia’s budget amounting to around EUR 13 million. The head of RTV Igor Kadunc, says passing the changes would mean the end of RTV Slovenija. The changes and cuts also threaten to severly affect Radio Si.


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, July 6th 2020: You can adopt a plant at the sanctuary for abandoned plants in Ljubljana

Everyone knows cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and the like can be adopted at different shelters. But did you know that you can also adopt all kinds of green pets at the sanctuary for abandoned plants in Ljubljana? More about it in today’s Spotlight!


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - NGO Environmental action in Slovenia

In the past two months a number of NGO's have come together to stage nature protection events. Among the loudest is the Balkan River Defence NGO. Protesters stepped up their action after the recent passing of amendments to the Nature Conservation Act, which make it less possible to environmentally challenge construction projects. We talked to some of the activists about why they were protesting and what they hope to achieve... Photo: Facebook


Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Belgium king expresses regret over DRC

SPOTLIGHT - Belgium king expresses regret over DRC


Spotlight Spotlight - Za Naravo Ob Savo campaign

NGO activists prepared a number of activities along the Sava river to raise awareness about environmental issues. People joined in by hiking, cycling, paddling and even swimming along the Sava River. The Balkan River Defence NGO, which organized the event, say the activities also represented a fight for the rights of civil society and democracy. Activities took place at 25 sections along the entire stretch of the Sava River in Slovenia.


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