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Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 12 May: Coldplay premiere song with link-up to ISS


Poglobljena informativna rubrika v angleškem jeziku, ki predoči tedensko aktualno dogajanje v Sloveniji in svetu.

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens


The longest suspension bridge in the world opened in Portugal. It spans over the Paiva River in the Arouca Geopark and is 516 meters long. Photo: Reuters

Spotlight Spotlight - Matura exams started on Tuesday


Spotlight - Matura exams started on Tuesday

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Call for live cultural events


There were live performances from balconies on Thursday, as part of a pro-culture campaign calling for a return of live cultural events. 25 cultural institutions across the country joined the campaign, initiated by Narodni Dom Maribor. Photo: Facebook/Narodni Dom Maribor

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Covid restrictions eased


As the Covid-19 situation in Slovenia continues to improve, hotels reopen their doors today. Bars and restaurants can serve guests indoors again. Meanwhile on Friday the government allowed the opening of movie theatres, theatres, galleries, libraries, and the holding of religious gatherings. The ban on crossing municipalities was also lifted on Friday. Photo: BoBo

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 21 Apr: Low interest in vaccination among high-school graduates in Slovenia


Poglobljena informativna rubrika v angleškem jeziku, ki predoči tedensko aktualno dogajanje v Sloveniji in svetu.

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Taxi drivers against Uber


Government-proposed changes to the Road Transport Act have resulted in heated debates. Taxi drivers and unions are on their feet, strongly opposing changes that would open the door for ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and accuse the government of corruption. Meanwhile Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec said the goal is to make transport services cheaper and more modern. Photo: BoBo

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT Apr 14th: Slovenian chapter of Future Females opened in Ljubjana


Future Females is a platform for female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that provides digitally, physically, and emotionally supportive environment, where women around the globe can connect with each other and access the resources they need to succeed. The initiative recently opened its Slovenian chapter. We talked to the chapter's founder and ambassador Tjaša Strle.

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Schools open again


Children returned to schools and kindergartens today. That, after an 11-day lockdown, to slow down the spread of Covid-19. The government is now looking into the idea of introducing Covid-19 self-testing for older pupils and students. Photo: BoBo

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT, 7 Apr: 22 Mummified Pharaohs Moved to New Museum in Majestic Parade


Over the weekend, Egypt held a gala parade celebrating the transport of 22 royal mummies from central Cairo to their new resting place. Security was tight, with authorities closing off major streets and intersections all along the route for the slow-moving vehicles. The Tourism and Antiquities Ministry live-streamed the Pharaoh's Golden Parade on social media platforms. Photo by Reuters

Spotlight SPOTLIGHT - Covid passport debates


As world leaders stand ready to make Covid vaccine passports official, debates about how efficient the measure will be and its lawfulness continue. In the UK 70 MPs from different parties have joined forces to oppose covid-passports. They say the move would be divisive and discriminatory. Meanwhile accross the Atlantic Ocean, the US state of Florida has banned the use of Covid vaccine passports. The governor said requiring vaccine passports would create two classes of citizens, infringe individual freedoms, and invade privacy. At the same time Covid vaccines, vaccine passports and fake negative tests and vaccine certificates, are all being sold on the darknet. Photo: Shutterstock

Spotlight Spotlight - Eleven-day lockdown will begin


Spotlight - Eleven-day lockdown will begin

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