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Meet Predrag Jovanović-Pedja, a Serbian in Slovenia


Land of dreams

211 epizod

Land of dreams

211 epizod

An audio documentary presenting true stories about foreigners in Slovenia. We visit them, peek into their lives and daily routines. Take a different look at the people that have come from abroad! Has Slovenia fulfilled their expectations? Is it their land of dreams?

Meet Predrag Jovanović-Pedja, a Serbian in Slovenia



Meet Mel Hitchcocks, an Englishwoman in Slovenia

Meet Mel Hitchcocks, an Englishwoman running a school in Slovenia. Mel is the principal of the British International School of Ljubljana. After living in Egypt, Mongolia, and Russia, Mel shares the challenges of adapting to new locations. She says she's happy to be in Slovenia now. She praises Slovenia's education system, and loves its castles, history, and nature... Mel's music choice: Queen - "Radio Ga Ga". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebookži manj


Meet Juan Zuleta, a Colombian in Slovenia

Singing makes you feel happy, helps you spread beauty and connect with others. In today's show we visit the Ljubljana International Vocal Ensemble to talk to its founder Juan Zuleta, a Colombian living in Slovenia. Juan is a musician, a singer, and conductor, who has been living in Ljubljana for three years now. He says Slovenia is beautiful, but is also a closed society which does not understand the hardships foreigners often have to go through... One of the aims of setting up the choir was to create a space where expats can meet and share experiences. Juan's music choice: Juan Zuleta - "Run for the Green". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Paula Sulej, a Polish in Slovenia

Paula is happy to be in Slovenia. She likes her job, gets to talk to interesting people and travel without traveling. The world comes to Paula… at the hostel where she works;) Paula came to Slovenia from Poland after meeting her »special Slovene man«. She now helps run a hostel in the Karst region together with her brother-in-law. People come and go, but she feels good where she is. Compared to Poland she says there's less stress in Slovenia, but dividing her time between Sežana and Matavun she does sometimes feel as the only foreigner in town… Join us for a trip in the Karst region and a walk up to a… wait… was it a hill, or a mountain?:) Paula's music choice: Dawid Podsiadło - "W dobrą stronę". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Chris Russell, an American in Slovenia

This week we talk about coffee and being a barista with a young American who came to Slovenia because of a Slovenian girl. Meet Chris Russell, originally from Montana, USA, presently living in Maribor. After falling in love he decided to sell everything and fly across the ocean. It was his first time in Europe, and today he says he loves living in Maribor and doesn't see himself leaving any time soon… Chris's music choice: Kip Moore - "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Riitta Fagerholm Mošić, a Finn in Slovenia

Meet Riitta from Finland! Slovenia crossed her path when she met a Slovenian during her studies. The feeling when she decided to come live in Slovenia was both exciting and scary at the same time. It's been around 15 years since then and today Riitta lives in Ljubljana, has a family and is a mother of two, has a successful career in business economics, and loves the mountains. Join us for a walk in Tivoli Park to find out more about Finland, the challenges of being an expat, and what Slovenians and Finns have in common… ;) Riitta's music choice: Pave Maijanen - "Elämän Nälkä". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Emre Edebali, a Turk in Slovenia

Meet Emre Edebali, a young man from Izmir, Turkey, who ended up in Velenje! Emre first came to Velenje to work as a volunteer. Today he works on several other projects, is enrolled in a Master's study in Nova Gorica, but still lives in Velenje. He advocates that all young people spend a year abroad in order to have the experience of stepping out of their comfort zone. Emre says that compared to Turkey life is more chilled in Slovenia, and is fascinated by Slovenia's excitement for ski jumping. Emre's music choice: Siddharta - "Ledena". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Svetlana Oletič, a Ukrainian in Slovenia

This week's Land of Dreams comes from inside a school gym and we get to meet Svetlana Oletič, a PE teacher and volleyball coach in Mala Nedelja. Svetlana, a former professional volleyball player herself, came to Slovenia from Ukraine 29 years ago. Today her »prleščina« dialect is perfect, she’s an active member of the local community, enjoys writing, but also helps Ukrainians fleeing the war. She says it's difficult to talk about the situation in Ukraine but says foreigners coming to Slovenia are often stigmatized and face many difficulties… like finding a job, a home, and even friends. Svetlana's music choice: Rihanna - "Lift Me Up". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Joao Victor Sartoreli, a Brazilian in Slovenia

Joao wanted to come to Europe ever since he was a small boy. Eventually he did, and it was in Portugal that he fell in love with a Slovenian girl. Joao is originally from Sao Paolo in Brazil. He now lives in Murska Sobota! When Slovenians find out where he's from, they say… but why?!?! But Joao is happy where he is… he's with the person he loves, surrounded by wonderful people, and says he loves living in a place which has four seasons! Joao's music choice: Demonios Da Garoa - "Trem Das Onze". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Dan Penketh, a Briton in Slovenia

Try a putting a pen on a piece of paper and starting a long-distance romantic relationship... Think it would work? According to Dan, all the best stories start with a girl… Dan Penketh is an engineer who was born in the UK but also spent quite a lot of his time in Scotland. He now lives in Ljubljana. He came here because of love and tells us of his coming to Slovenia. Dan compares Slovenia to Scotland, praising its nature and people, and describing it as a very nice part of the world to be in. And yes, he'd like to stay here... Dan's music choice: Runrig - "Empty Glens". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Joyce Pizarro, a Peruvian in Slovenia

Meet Joyce Pizarro, a Peruvian who calls herself a Latin American, and calls Slovenia her home. Her first contact with Slovenia was in primary school in India, and later in life her best friends were Slovenes of Argentinian descent. After moving from country to country she then met a Slovenian traveling the world. Eventually Joyce moved to Maribor and today she has three children and works for a Slovenian company that helps others do business in new markets around the world. Joyce says Slovenes are kind but should be more proud. She misses South America’s culture of living, the freshness of the fruit, and warm weather. Joyce's music choice: Calle 13 - "Latinoamérica". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Joao Cavalheiro, a Portuguese in Slovenia

Joao was born and raised in Lisbon, but does not regret his decision to move to Slovenia. The reason: a blue-eyed blonde girl from Maribor. He says it was love at first sight. He does miss the ocean, but now calls Maribor his home. Joao still struggles with the language but speaks German and easily finds work in neighboring Austria. He studied gastronomy and tourism, praises Slovenia's wine, and says Slovenia is a hidden gem in Europe. Joao's music choice: HMB ft. Carminho - "O Amor é Assim". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Robin Hill, an Englishman in Slovenia

Have you ever perceived Slovenia as both the great outdoors and a culinary destination at the same time? Just like many other foreigners arriving in Slovenia, Robin Hill was blown away by the beauty and outdoor activities on offer. Originally from Birmingham in England, it didn't take Robin long to buy a house and move to Slovenia. And being a chef, he eventually also opened his own restaurant business in Log pod Mangartom. Robin's music choice: Fleet Foxes - 'Blue Ridge Mountains': You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Lindsey Conroy, an American in Slovenia

Imagine an amphitheater of forest-covered mountains and a green open meadow in the middle. And a chair. And sitting on that chair is Lindsey. On one of her European travels she fell in love with Slovenia, and especially the Bovec area. Originally from Montana, USA, Lindsey Conroy then bought an old house in Lepena! Lindsey is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and adventurer, but says buying the property in Lepena was one of the most difficult experiences in her life. In the next Land of Dreams we pay Lindsey a visit... Lindsey's music choice: Xavier Rudd - "Follow the Sun": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Evan Stough, an American farming in Slovenia

Evan works a piece of land in the Ljubljana Marshes. He's often misunderstood because of his approach to life and farming, as he has no machinery or tractor… He has faced droughts, floods, and even evictions, but Evan is too passionate to stop faming and will always continue planting seeds because it's what makes him alive… The story is a "Land of Dreams" special, created and played at the 2022 Avdiofestival in Ljubljana as part of Rob Rosenthal's traveling workshop. You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Katarzyna Nogolova, a Czech in Slovenia

Katarzyna is a Czech girl️ who initially came to study in Slovenia and found it so nice that she never went back. Today she lives in Maribor, works as a translator, speaks Slovene, is active in the local folklore group, and helps foreign students in Slovenia. Katarzyna loves the food and mix of central European and Balkan cultures in Slovenia. She says being a foreigner is difficult, but that living in Slovenia has made her a more open person. Oh, and did we mention that Slovenians love to sing and dance? Katarzyna's music choice: Big Foot Mama - "Črni tulipan": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Ziauddin Ahmed, an Indian in Slovenia

Meet Ziauddin, a chef from India , who thought he was going to England but ended up in Slovenia. After several years of working in a number of hotels and restaurants in Ljubljana, Ahmed eventually decided to open his own place - a small takeaway restaurant serving Indian food. He says Indian food is not only curry, and says his aim is to present the variety of Indian foods and spices. Regarding Slovenian food Ahmed loves štruklji. Ahmed says he always smiles, that Slovenians are friendly, and that you can overcome any obstacle just by breathing... Music used in the interview: traditional music from India, and Anoushka Shankar & Norah Jones – "Traces Of You". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Joseph Rakotorahalahy, a Malagasy in Slovenia

Joseph is from Madagascar and has lived in Slovenia since 1977. He says his soul is still very much connected to his home island, which he misses every day. Joseph is an architect, musician, and storyteller, who came to Ljubljana as a young student. He still remembers the time of Yugoslavia and Tito. He says racism was an issue in Yugoslavia, and talks of his frequent visits to primary schools giving presentations about Africa... Joseph's music choice: Malala & Navicula - "Tsy Ho Very". You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Werner and Nardia, South Africans in Slovenia

Meet the Daltons from South Africa! Werner and Nardia arrived in Slovenia with their son around half a year ago with a wish to call Slovenia their home. They say South Africa is overcrowded and love the size of Ljubljana and its quick access to nature. Nardia has a natural products business, as she makes her own environmentally friendly washing powders and dishwasher tablets. She praises Slovenia's sustainable approaches and excellent tap water quality. Werner says learning Slovene is a challenge but not unsurmountable, and said he thought VSTOP meant no entry and that the stores were closed :) Their music choice: Johnny Clegg & Savuka - "Scatterlings of Africa": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook


Meet the Chernenkos, a Ukrainian family in Slovenia

This week we talk to the Chernenkos, a Ukrainian family living in Slovenia. The Chernenkos have been in Slovenia for two years now but still face challenges. Andrii and Iryna arrived in Slovenia with their son and daughter to offer them a better education and future. However their thoughts are still in Ukraine, worried about the current situation and the safety of their families… We visited them in Bled to talk about their experiences so far and what they feel… Music used in the interview: Pink Floyd - "Us and Them", The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army", and D'Angelo - "Brown Sugar". You can also join us on Facebook


Meet Ozbay Emrah, a Turk in Slovenia

Slovenia is beautiful and amazing, but some people decide to move on... Ozbay Emrah, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, has lived in Slovenia for around three years. Now he's moving to neighbouring Austria. He lists some of the biggest obstacles: the Slovene language and the inability to find proper work. Nevertheless, Ozbay says he's leaving Slovenia with nice memories. If you want to find out more about his decision, we met with Ozbay on his last day in Maribor… Ozbay's music choice: Tarkan - "Kiss, kiss": You can listen to the full song here: You can also join us on Facebook

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