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17. Feb 2020 at 08:50 Tacen, Ljubljana Don't miss

Land of Dreams: Rainer Schamberger

Foto: Osebni arhiv/K. J.
Foto: Osebni arhiv/K. J.

Meet Rainer Schamberger, a managing director in the banking industry. And meet his alter ego, Ray Shames, a virtual musician living out his emotions in the circus of life! Rainer is an Austrian living in Ljubljana and is very much dedicated to his work and music. He says what the world needs is more empathy. To find out more about his work and experience in Slovenia so far, join us in the next Land of Dreams - on Wednesday, the 19th of February at 11:25am, and Sunday, the 23rd of February at 2:30pm!

Korab Jorgacieski