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14. May 2018 at 14:37Don't miss

Land of Dreams: Stefaan Vuylsteke

• Foto: Osebni arhiv

Learning to live with less in the beautiful Soča Valley.

Meet Stefaan Vuylsteke, a young Belgian who decided to quit his job and come live in Slovenia. A Belgian bringing back to life a 100-year-old house in the village of Čiginj, near Tolmin.

It was his love for flying that first brought him to Slovenia, and his love for a girl that made him stay in Slovenia. Keeping him company in this country, which reminds him of New Zealand, are also his dog and two ducks…

On air on Wednesday, the 16th of May at 11:25 a.m, and again on Sunday, the 20th of May, at 2:30 p.m, on Radio Si!

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