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08. Jun 2020 at 16:06 Ljubljana Don't miss

Land of Dreams: Tatiana Legina

Foto: Osebni arhiv/K. J.
Foto: Osebni arhiv/K. J.

There was nothing rational in her decision to choose Slovenia. Neither she nor her husband knew anyone in Slovenia, they had no place to stay and no jobs waiting for them. But she was the one that chose Slovenia. She says her choice was emotional and that Ljubljana's name sounded nice and warm.
Meet Tatiana Legina, who together with her husband and two young daughters made the move from Kiev to Ljubljana around 4 years ago. A move that none of them regrets.
In the next Land of Dreams, on air on Wednesday the 10th of June at 11:25 a.m, and again on Sunday, the 14th of June at 2:30 p.m.

Korab Jorgacieski