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Slovenia's Hidden Gems no. 11: The Brown Bear Kingdom in Loška Valley

Peter Davey and Milan Šelj
Peter Davey and Milan Šelj • Foto: Osebni arhiv

Our latest tourist package is ''The Brown Bear Kingdom'' in Loška Valley in southern Slovenia.

Testing the 1-day offer were Peter Davey from the UK and his Slovenian partner Milan Šelj. Even though they live in the Karst region closer to the coast, they have never explored the “Green Karst” before. Have they encountered a bear at the end of the day?

Tune in on Wednesday, Jun 20, at 11:20 to find out more about their unforgetable experience.

Coordinating the introduced package was the Lož Tourist Information Centre.

This show was prepared and recorded by Lidija Petković, and edited by Peter Kopše Pišec.

Re-broadcast: Sat, Jun 23, 00:20; Sun, Jun 24, 14:20.

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