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21. Apr 2019 at 11:53 Slovenia News

Christians celebrating Easter

Christians are celebrating today their biggest holiday, Easter. Easter Sunday usually starts off with multiple processions and holy masses that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These are traditionally accompanied by bell-ringing and loud banging produced by small cannons or mortars using gunpowder or carbide. After that, the traditional Easter breakfast takes place where families come together to eat the food they have taken to blessing the day before. The blessed food traditionally consists of colored eggs or “pirhi”, ham, horseradish, and the traditional “potica” pastry. Some families and villages hold Easter egg competitions like rolling eggs down a hill or through obstacles. These traditions come from western countries (mostly the US) but have slowly been slipping and mixing with Slovenian traditions. But for the biggest part, Easter Sunday is meant as a day for family gatherings and exchanging of “pirhi” between children. The extended weekend will run until Easter Monday, which is a public holiday.

Tina Lah