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19. Jun 2019 at 14:50 Ljubljana News

Parents protest against changes to the financing of private schools

Parents say the changes will make private schools more expensive

Hundreds of parents are protesting in Ljubljana today against a draft bill which would introduce changes to the state financing of private schools. The protest is being held in front of the National Assembly, which is also debating the motion.

Parents oppose changes that will make it more expensive for children to attend private or semi-private schools. They say if the bill is passed, such education will only be available to those with higher income.

The amendments do implement a Constitutional Court ruling mandating the full state financing of publicly approved curricula at private schools. However, the 100% financing only refers to the mandatory program, with services such as pre-school or after-school classes - otherwise a normal part of daily life at school - not financed at all.

Korab Jorgacieski