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27. Jul 2019 at 15:48 Zgornji Leskovec News

Zgornji Leskovec locals stage protest

Locals of the village Zgornji Leskovec, that lies at the border crossing Zgornji Leskovec – Cvetlin with Croatia, have staged a protest to draw attention to the intolerable traffic conditions, that occur each year during the summer vacations. The border crossing is namely one of the smaller ones but is located in the near vicinity of the bigger international border crossing Gruškovje – Macelj, so many tourists choose to reroute, hoping to avoid long ques of traffic. One of the organizers of the protest Peter Jagarinec said that their aim is to promote security and to incite the construction of sidewalks, cycling paths and a rest stop for tourists. The organizers of the protest also noted that the traffic has immensely increased through their village since last year when the authorities expanded the vignette system to the border crossing Gruškovje – Macelj, prompting many tourists to use the smaller nearby border crossing to avoid buying the Slovenian vignette.

T. L.