SHOW 307 .. 27th October 2006

- Napoleon’s bridges 
- The Stična monastery 
- Shoemaker’s lamps 
- Painter Tone Lapajne
- The Kontrabant group

Napoleon’s bridges in Slovenia
There are a number of small bridges scattered around Slovenia, all of which are a reflection of the times when they were built. Quite a few of them remind us of the times when Napoleon’s army ruled over Slovenian territory.  
The Stična monastery
In tranquillity, among the rolling hills of the Dolenjska region, in the town of Stična, lives a community of monks. Their name, Cistercians, comes from the first monastery called Citeaux, or Cistercium in Latin, founded in 1098 in the French region of Burgundy. The Stična monastery, which was set up some 30 years later, is the oldest in Slovenia, and is considered to be one of the greatest cultural, sacral and architectural monuments on this territory.
Shoemaker’s lamps
Slovenia is covered with forests and wood has always been the principal material Slovenians used to express themselves with. In their artisan workshop in Bistrica pri Tržiču, the Kosmač family produce replicas of over 70 different wooden objects of Slovenian heritage, mainly the heritage of their local environment. 
Painter Tone Lapajne
Tone Lapajne has been present on the Slovenian art scene for forty years, first as a sculptor and later as a painter. His most characteristic works are made in his typical earthen technique, which he’s been using for a quarter of a century. He has, however, also used other techniques in his work.
The Kontrabant group
Kontrabant is a music group that reveals smuggling in its name. The musicians have been “smuggling” the sounds of different cultures for a good decade now. The group uses the universal language of music to dissolve borders, shatter negative stereotypes and open horizons also to those who otherwise find it a challenge to accept anything foreign or unknown

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