SHOW 320 .. 19th May 2007

- Scuba-diving museum in Piran
- Istrian village of Lopar
- Graphic artist Nejč Slapar  
- Kostel
- Violin maker Vilim Dem¹ar 

The Museum of Underwater Activities in Piran
People have always wanted to understand what there is beneath the sea level and discover the unknown and mysterious underwater world. Interesting stories about the sea and the history of scuba-diving are now put on display in the Piran Museum of Underwater Activities, which was opened last year and where you can also see old scuba-diving equipment.
The village of Lopar
The hills overlooking the Slovenian coast are strewn with small attractive villages situated among fertile fields covered with vineyards, olives and other produce. Some 10 kilometres from the port of Koper lies the village of Lopar which boasts an interesting local ethnological collection.
Graphic artist Nejč Slapar
Nejč Slapar is mostly known for his paintings and graphic works characterised by geometric abstraction, and for his carefully thought-out visual effects such as op art. He is also very active in the field of the so-called visual poetry.
The beauty of the Kostel region
Kostel is a hilly, wooded, sparsely inhabited area in the south edge of the country. Its two major features are the Kolpa River, one of the cleanest and most pristine Slovenian rivers, and Kostel Castle, a symbol of the region and its guard, which has been under renovation for several decades.
Dem¹ar violin workshop
Vilim Dem¹ar, a graduate musician, has inherited his love for the making of violins and other string instruments from his father. In more than 50 years since he took on the craft of violin making, he has become a highly respected master. His violins are greatly esteemed for their beautiful tone and high quality.

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