SHOW 342 .. 26th April 2008

- The Idrija mine 
- Radensko polje 
- Architect Edvard Ravnikar
- Sport climber Maja Vidmar 
- The first women divers  

The Idrija mine - a 500-year long heritage of mercury
So far Slovenia has managed to get listed on the Unesco world heritage list only the Škocjan Caves as its natural heritage, yet there is nothing listed under the cultural heritage entry. Now Slovenia, Spain and Mexico have joined forces to get their mercury heritage listed.  Slovenia is a candidate with its 500-year old Idrija mercury mine, Spain with its Almaden quicksilver mine, and Mexico with the San Luis Potosi silver mine. This is the first intercontinental candidacy in the history of Unesco.
Radensko polje, the treasure trove of nature
Slovenia is the land of the karst, having nine typical karst fields known as kraško polje. The smallest of them is Radensko polje near Grosuplje, about 20 kilometres south-east from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Although extending over only about 4 square kilometres, all features typical of such karst areas can be found here, so it is a classic example of this natural phenomenon.
Architect and town planner Edvard Ravnikar
Architect Edvard Ravnikar is considered the most significant and influential Slovenian modernist. Last December saw the 100th anniversary of his birth. Edvard Ravnikar was not only an outstanding architect, but also the pioneer of modern town planning and the founder of Slovenian design. 
Sport climber Maja Vidmar
The women’s team of sport climbers from Slovenia is among the very best in the world. At the moment, the leading sport climber is 22-year old Maja Vidmar, the World Cup champion last year.
The first women divers under water 
Although diving has long been in the domain of men, 70 years have already passed since the first woman diver from Slovenia set off into the depths of the Adriatic Sea. It was Marjeta Kuščer in a diving suit that didn’t look anything like the suits of today. The Museum of Underwater Activities in Piran has decided to mark the anniversary of the first women under water and has staged a reconstruction of their first diving feat.




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